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  • noun

Synonyms for riddance

the act of getting rid of something useless or used up

the act or process of eliminating

Synonyms for riddance

the act of removing or getting rid of something

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(If you won't listen, and you don't have a right, you are being hard-headed, for good riddance, let's just separate ways.
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Mar 15 ( ANI ): All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) MLA D Jayakumar on Thursday took a jibe at rebel leader TTV Dhinakaran, terming his exit as good riddance, after the latter launched his own political party.
Elsewhere, Pierre kicks out his scheming gold digging bride Helene, and good riddance to her.
This Earth evolved for countless aeons Till "Johnny come lately's" greed and pride Invented war and millions died Man's aggressive intent sticks in our craw We're amazed as they hatch yet another war They frighten people with "He's a dictator Bomb his country first, count the bodies later" We creatures, (yes, we stupid pests ) Are bound to question: "Are man's brains best?" With a gullible nation any plausible bluff Ensures they'll fall for the same old guff Well go ahead, fight your wars of gain Just leave us in peace with our smaller brain All creature life shares this firm conviction We'd applaud "Good riddance" at Man's Extinction.
Good riddance! Meanwhile, baby Pearl is fighting for her life in hospital and DI Keeble's back on the scene again - to arrest Charlie.
Good riddance to him and his like Keith Thomas |H| Hope he doesn't jack in his tours coz they are always really funny Sarah-Jayne Wright | I have seen him...
Manufacturers Agropharm Limited claim that Neem Pro Riddance can give long-term protection as an anti-feedant, with some repellant effect, against flying semi-permanent parasites such as midges, blow flies and head flies.
We must not bail them out a second time and if some of the banks want to move elsewhere, good riddance to them.
riddance! I do miss my hat, and my car, and, truth be told, I miss my
Dear Editor, A number of disgraced MPs are standing down at the General Election and good riddance to them.
Green Day's Good Riddance is the highlight of this indistinct, missed opportunity of an album.