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a gaping grimace

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Errores de Josefina Vazquez Mota, disputas entre panistas y la intervencion del presidente Felipe Calderon con incondicionales en la campana blanquiazul impiden avances de "la Jefa", cuyas sonrisas dan paso a rictus de enojo y angustia.
As the retail trade wades into the festive season, knee deep in short-dated mince pies and unsold Arthur Christmas tie-ins, we here at P&F are pondering the most important event of the year, The Party, important not because anyone is looking forward to it - a nightmarish evening of rictus grins and ultimate bitching (like ultimate cage fighting, but less polite) - but rather because of the effect it could have on our individual and collective futures.
Behind him his pursuers struggled home, each gasping mouth a rictus of pain and the self-knowledge that goes hand in hand with it.
He's there to scare the Tories and he already has - despite their rictus grins at his arrival, For months, George Gideon Oliver Osborne and his inane cronies have peddled the lie that Labour, alone, was reponsible for the economic meltdown.
There you are with your tongue stuck to your palate because your mouth is dry like dust and your eyes for some reason more wide open than usual and with a rictus of a smile on your face and this girl at the check-out asks you again very slowly: "Was that three lentil soups, four cheese fatayer, six kibbe and one lemon moussy?
Fijado el monto, el sultan --un rictus de sorna en el semblante-- libera a su cautivo, quien parte rumbo a su remoto pais a recaudar la suma de su propio rescate.
Your selfserving actions could be the straw that breaks Gordon Brown's burly back, ridding the country of Rictus Gurn, once and for all.
The juiciest insults for him included "like a comatose tortoise," spat out Bruno on the rictus grin he sported for his Cha Cha, while Chris Hollins looked like "a hamster with toothache," during his rumba.
Collaborating French companies Theatre du Rictus and Theatre Qnartier Libre make up part of that cohort, joined by Geza Gardonyi Theatre of Hungary, the Serbian National Theatre and the Western Bohemian Theatre of the Czech Republic.
His performance was a refreshing relief from the rictus smiles and the oh-socorrect sashaying of the contestants.
Ballero's team, whose work appears in the latest edition of the US Journal of Natural Products, have established that a toxic substance in the dropwart plant does, in fact, cause facial muscles to contract and produce a grimace or rictus.
They even stood by with rictus grins when fruity old Sir Al started touching up the cricketers' wives and girlfriends at a tournament last year.
Tampoco he perdido el rictus que ensancha la comisura labial,
This is an abstract of what follows: an acquaintance with the intellectual issues at hand; an easy familiarity with pornography; a flat admission of his fearful proximity to the divine antagonist; and the tense rictus of a flip punch line.
Bucky and Lee make a crack cop team until a horror is found in a weedy field: A young woman's corpse, the body sawed in half like a magician's trick gone wrong, her mouth sliced upward at the corners to form a hideous clown rictus.