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a gaping grimace

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The flange tissue bordering the mandible and maxilla was sampled near the rictal commissure (posterior point at which the mandible and maxilla meet) on both the right and left sides.
Variable coloration of both gapes and rictal flanges may have a signaling function, conveying nestling identity, need, health or other indicators of quality (Thorogood et al.
The objective of our study was to test the hypothesis that rictal flange color of host and cowbird nestlings varies between nestlings and parasites of two sympatric hosts.
I measured fight wing chord, tail length, bill length from nostril to tip, length of the right tarsus plus middle toe, and length of the longest fight rictal bristle of adults and nestlings.
We identified the nestlings as Blue Grosbeaks (and not cowbirds) by virtue of their large conical bills and yellow rictal flanges.