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a gaping grimace

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Lips fleshy and slightly fimbriated, the less developed rictal fold extending to the bases of maxillary barbel on both sides; oral teeth small and villiform, premaxillary teeth in a single broad band, with a very shallow incision in the middle of the posterior edge, but no separation gap in the midline, dentary teeth in one narrow crescent band with a very narrow gap in the midline (Fig.
The involuntary nature of this phenomenon is wittily underscored by the shock felt by the narrator at the appearance of his "own" first such balloon on his arrival at a hotel; from his rictal mouth there emerges, in capitalized outrage: "WHAT THE D--L IS THIS
The phylogenetic analyses using molecular data identify several major clades, which have been previously described by taxonomists (Ticehurst 1938; Williamson 1974), who used characteristics such as color patterns and rictal bristles to classify the group.