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a small two-wheeled cart for one passenger

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Nearly all of the rickshaws are powered by lead-acid batteries underneath the passenger seats.
PESHAWAR -- Strategy has been evolved to shut service of 50000 illegal rickshaws in Peshawar following possible launching of Peshawar Rapid Bus (PRB) service after January 01.
"They also do not have windows, and the open compartment design poses a greater risk of objects entering the rickshaw and potentially causing injury, or passengers being thrown from the vehicle or injuring limbs etc during a collision."
KARACHI -- The Sindh government on Monday announced to launch a crackdown against unregistered Qingqi rickshaws across the province, media reported.
The tenth deceased was 27-year-old rickshaw driver, Sagheer Ahmed Khaskheli.
The two city corporations in Dhaka enforced the rickshaw on Progoti Sarani from Kuril to Sayedabad via Rampura and Khilgaon, Mirpur Road from Gabtoli to Azimpur via Asad Gate, and Elephant Road from Science Laboratory Intersection to Shahbagh Intersection.
The traders urged the government to take strict action against illegal rickshaw stands and unregistered vehicles and remove the encroachments to ensure smooth flow of traffic on the busy roads inside Peshawar city.
style="font-weight: 400The rickshaw was completely destroyed in the collision.
Locally assembled electric rickshaws have been introduced in Afghanistan.
Police officials said that a rickshaw driver who was later identified as Rehan who used to live near the Gujjar nullah set his own rickshaw on fire in Gulbahar area in District Central.
He attributes his more relaxed life to the electric rickshaw, or e-rickshaw as it is popularly known.
KARACHI -- The additional Inspector General Police (IGP) reached burns ward of Civil hospital on Sunday to pay a visit to the rickshaw driver who suffered severe burns on Saturday after self-immolation in a protest against the alleged extortion by traffic police.
Two traffic wardens bitterly thrashed a young but poor rickshaw driver for showing courage and made arguments with them in the provincial capital on Wednesday.
Mohammad Maqbool Ansari puffs and sweats as he pulls his rickshaw through Kolkata's teeming streets, a veteran of a gruelling trade long outlawed in most parts of the world and slowly fading from India too.
It was a vibrantly painted, glistening auto rickshaw (three-wheeler) immediately transporting along with it, memories of how it jostles with everyday life in many Indian cities.