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a narrow zigzag ribbon used as trimming


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Center each rickrack piece below each rectangle folded long edge; pin or use temporary spray adhesive to secure.
Use the rickrack to create a "leash" and sew one end to the doll.
Bodices were decorated with rickrack, applique, or painted designs on the neckline and sleeves.
Some fourteen such projects feature 'stamping' kids' hands on fabric with fabric paints, then using rickrack and other embellishments to liven them up.
To engage with these works on paper is to get very small and very psychedelic, gazing into a rickrack frieze from which forms scissor up.
"It's a single woman's amautiq," offers Tagaq, smiling as she fingers the red rickrack at the bottom of the garment her cousin Celina designed for her.
I hastened toward the East Gate and the vulgar rickrack of pawnshops and payday loan pits just beyond, on Rancier Avenue.
There, amid festive bolts of fabric, colorful spools of thread, rickrack, ribbons, buttons, bows, and the other accoutrements of the well-equipped sewing basket, a group of approximately 20 ladies known as the Southampton Sewing Club gather to chat, while relaxing with a cherished hobby.
Once the main parts of the figure were completed in felt, an assortment of ribbons, lace trim, rickrack, buttons, sequins and feathers were added to decorate the circus performers.
Sport patriotism on the beach in red, white and blue faux denim halter-tie bikini by PAN DULCE (right, I.) and GLORIA DEL RIO'S bikini (middle] with faux denim top embellished with rickrack and floral ribbon.
Simply because of the monumentality of the works--the stacks from the basic oxygen furnaces spouting forty-foot flames, the rickrack of railroad tracks and electrical towers, the mounds of ore and limestone, all of it ranging across a 1,200-acre gash in the heart of the city--it is easy to understand why the illusion might persist.
Other home furnishings creations included a matelasse-covered bookshelf ottoman with contrast pillows designed by Christopher Coleman; an ottoman trimmed in rickrack by Chris Kraig; and a recamier with a coordinating throw by Priscilla Ulmann.
During the next two days, stores sold out of tricolor ribbons, rickrack, and braided cord, and the V-for-victory sign was flashed more frequently, as the resistance spread to all ages and classes of Czechoslovak society.
We used sequins, feathers, ribbon, rickrack, braid, glitter, lace, pompons and more.