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Synonyms for rickettsiosis

infectious disease caused by ticks or mites or body lice infected with rickettsial bacteria

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Human spotted fever group rickettsioses are underappreciated in southern Taiwan, particularly for the species closely-related to Rickettsia felis.
Update on tick-borne rickettsioses around the world: a geographic approach.
Rickettsioses refer to a group of zoonotic infections caused by intracellular Gramnegative bacteria.
The 117 papers collected here focus on the epidemiology, vectors, and clinical and laboratory diagnoses of rickettsioses and associated organisms.
Currently, little data exist on the risk for rickettsioses and scrub typhus for US military deployed to South Korea.
Doxycycline is considered as a drug of choice for SFG rickettsioses.
felis) have been associated with a shift of fleaborne rickettsioses from the urban center of Los Angles to suburban areas (14).
Murine typhus is common in tropical areas but is often not distinguished from other more prevalent febrile bacterial infections, such as scrub typhus, spotted fever rickettsioses, and leptospirosis.
Rickettsial diseases are increasingly being diagnosed in international travelers: one report showed that 2% of imported fevers are caused by rickettsioses, and hospitalization was necessary for the 38% of O.
The expanding spectrum of eschar-associated rickettsioses in the United States.