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Synonyms for richly

Synonyms for richly

to an ample degree or in an ample manner


in a rich manner

in a rich and lavish manner

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Congratulations #Philippines ??????Another richly deserved victory!!??A stunning and well spoken #MissUniverse2018 Catriona Gray ??
Clocking in at over eight hundred pages, Captivity is a sprawling, epic bildungsroman that immerses the reader in a richly detailed world of the past.
Hodges describes mixed liner models using normal distributions and some richly parametrized models that can be expressed this way and can be analyzed using conventional and Bayesian methods for mixed linear models.
These unsung heroes may not always get the recognition they so richly deserve, but the Community Champions awards is our opportunity to do just that.
For her latest show, "I had no choice but to hear you," Adeela SuLeman exhibited six new works so richly decorated and visually sumptuous, they dazzled.
Mumbai Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray said yesterday that though Amitabh Bachchan richly deserved the "Bharat Ratna", the UPA government had not conferred India's highest civilian honour on him yet owing to "personal enmity" that Sonia Gandhi and her family "nursed" against him.
Devised with designer Isolade Richly, the gear will be branded as Richly Hawtin and is typically minimal in style with inspiration taken from Japanese artists.
Experience has show us that those who most richly deserve these awards - and their time in the spotlight - are usually the last to realise they are so deserving.
The display of pace and panache was richly richly promising.
A richly detailed saga of medieval heroes and villains, "Yesterday's Falcon" is entertaining and recommended reading for action/adventure fantasy enthusiasts.
RICHLY BLENDED, a promising young stallion based in California, has died from colic at the age of eight.
More young people will know those facts and many others after reading this richly illustrated book.
Seuss's genius is explained in an extraordinary, richly illustrated visual biography, composing the most comprehensive resource on the Seuss legend.
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