ribbed vault

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vault that resembles a groined vault but has ribbed arches

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While she is inspired by the gothic and its slender, soaring structures--challenging gravity in sculptures with a light and aerial flow that resembles ribbed vaults, as in Kleins Kuppel (Little Dome), 2008--she has also derived sturdier shapes from the forms of Hindu temples, as evidenced in the more corporeal and earthly materiality of a work such as Lowenzahnkugel (Dandelion Sphere), 2008.
24) where Konrad Krebs's elaborate ribbed vaults for the innovative staircase (1533-37) are juxtaposed with his adjoining portal in the form of a classicizing triumphal arch.
Following the introduction, the students examined the differences between barrel and ribbed vaults, an the differences between Romanesque and Gothic architecture by looking a several examples as well as a film strip
The palace area consists of a sequence of courts leading into each other, and its much ruined buildings reveal the routine use of domes, pointed arches, pyramidal vaults, ribbed vaults, and squinch zones.
However, Islamic sources and the Iberian Peninsula's own heritage of Moorish and Gothic monuments (notably the exceptional late Gothic and Manueline ribbed vaults and cloisters of the monastery of Batalha or the Jeronimos in Lisbon) have furnished Rewal with equally significant and appropriate design precedents.