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Synonyms for ribaldry

something that is offensive to accepted standards of decency

Synonyms for ribaldry

ribald humor

behavior or language bordering on indelicacy

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A typical Nigerian comedy or comedy show is usually a mixture of the obvious entertainment value, and the normal day-to-day ribaldry which also, simultaneously, adopts a moralising dimension.
This ribaldry is exciting in our time, but imagine what it must have been like when Shakespeare wrote it: ALL the parts would have been performed by men, setting up a reverse Victor/Victoria situation, since it would have been a man playing Cesario/Viola playing a woman playing a man.
The library does not invest Chaucer's powers with images of courtesy or beauty or ribaldry or gallantry.
His latest policy document in mid-September 'EU-Africa Co-operation in Space' also invited ribaldry.
8) "was never seen at church, held all the sacraments vile things, and derided them in language of horrible ribaldry.
It provides details to ribaldry that took place at the USA House, a space rented by the U.
Amid this raucous ribaldry, Busy enters from the audience and squares himself center stage in direct puritanical opposition to the puppet Dionysius.
Caverns and grottos were encrusted, moist, poorly lit places, sometimes likened to monstrous female genitalia, and they suited both the theme of ruination and the tone of ribaldry present in Caro's speech.
The teasing, kidding, occasional ribaldry and camaraderie were contagious.
That these drawings were made while he underwent intensive psychotherapy, for example, goes some way toward accounting for their freewheeling, free-associative ribaldry.
There's only so much coarse ribaldry about her ridiculously inflated boobs you want on a Sunday morning.
She still has, as she puts it, "a touch of MS (multiple sclerosis)," but Garr faces the disease -- and other health-related setbacks -- with the same wit, humor and off-the-cuff ribaldry.