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Synonyms for rhythmical

marked by a regular rhythm

Synonyms for rhythmical

recurring with measured regularity


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The rhythmical flow here is even voluptuous--nothing could be more melodious.
We heard them slow down at last, and, vaguely, the white hull of the tug appeared moving against the black islets, whilst a slow and rhythmical clapping as of thousands of hands rose on all sides.
The composition merges sonic and rhythmical units, based on closely related Persian and African popular poetic meters and other similar rhythmic meters which are present in oral traditions worldwide.
Cha cha A rhythmical Latin dance which started out as a modified form of Mambo.
The B-segment SUV features a dynamic, urban look with a contemporary silhouette, and embodies the rhythmical motion of SsangYong's design language, 'Nature-born 3 Motion' - Rhythmical, Dynamic and Dignified.
A rhythmical succession of beautiful homes, ranging for the most part within a given key, and so related together as to form a musical whole, having the unity of what is technically called a musical thought, at once pleasing to the live the life.
Chester-based Chemistry Lane are the kind of sonic alchemists who draw upon music from all colours of the musical spectrum; ambient textures, locked rhythmical krautrock, pummelling guitars, soaring melodies and a lot more besides.
In Gateshead, accompanied by Chinmay Kolhatkar on harmonium and Gurdain Rayatt on tabla, she will perform tappa, an energetic, rhythmical form of classical music originating from the songs of the camel drivers of northern India and Pakistan.
Treasury of Bible Stories: Rhythmical Rhymes of Biblical Times is a children's book that adapts classic stories of the Bible to rhyming verse.
His rhythmical sense, his rhyming mood, and his rich assonance in creating the poems' atmosphere are effervescent, second to none.
Air Cadet percussionists gave a rhythmical display of their award-winning drumming and used their drums to build a makeshift Drumhead Altar, a military tradition which goes back centuries.
Starting with the rhythmical Sweetgrass-inspired dry brushing- a ritual that softly sloughs rough skin away- and closing with a soothing, detoxifying wrap to release impurities, hydrate and smooth the skin, Smooth Operator wraps it up on a high note.
Ssangyong XLV Concept, a rookie in the fast-growing SUV segment is based on the company's new design philosophy 'Nature born 3 motion', which projects rhythmical and dynamic exterior design and is aimed at the smart user, who is active and seeks individuality and practicality.
It is a sharp metallic noise, rhythmical and relentless.
Very flamboyant, rhythmical batsman and bowler, fielder, captain.