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the section of a band or orchestra that plays percussion instruments

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Years later, Nocentelli drew upon the mystery of the Crescent City and its rituals in his work with the Meters, one of pop history's great rhythm sections.
That year, incidentally, is generally considered the golden age of reggae, before drum machines and synthesizers replaced the living, breathing rhythm sections that gave Marley's music so much life.
With tempered passion, Portuondo delivered these golden-era Cuban songs of lost love and regret backed by an exquisite orchestra fueled by glorious brass and rhythm sections.
Among the best-known rhythm sections in the '70s were the Hi Records crew, backing Memphis soul crooners like Al Green; the Meters, who recorded with any number of pop artists who traveled to New Orleans to soak up that section's unique syncopated groove; and New York's Atlantic group, who had a near telepathic communication with Aretha Franklin, among many others.
The 26 tracks here show the development of gospel from a cappella singing to the use of full rhythm sections in the mid-'50s.
Along with the MG's, the Meters and the Hi Rhythm team, Stuff was one of r&b's greatest rhythm sections.