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very acid volcanic rock

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The rhyolite sheets are sparsely porphyritic, at places banded, and composed of perthite, quartz, albite, sodic amphibole, aegirine-augite, opaque oxide and titanite.
Originally empty, the excavated space has filled with debris fallen from the slowly eroding interior walls, an exposed stratified frieze of sandstone and rhyolite.
The Round Top mineralogy is described as simple, predominantly yttro-fluorite hosted in a unique metaluminous rhyolite rock.
El Clavo comprises rhyolite dykes and breccias emplaced into a sequence of hydrothermally altered tuffs.
Les roches volcaniques felsiques de la Formation de Cumberland Hill, au sud du Nouveau-Brunswick, dont l'origine remonte a quelque 335 Ma se composent de rhyolite et de trachyte hyperalcalines.
The nomenclature of geological units of the massif has been updated following the rules of lithodemic units [5], as follows [6]: 1) Metasedimentary rocks: Barbasco Metasedimentary Suite (Canaote Quartzite, Cerrajon Metapelite), Mireles Phyllite (with Cambrian-Ordovician trilobites); 2) Volcanic rocks: Guacamayas Super-Suite: Teresen Rhyolitic Suite (Corcovado Rhyolite, Tirado Rhyolite, La Bandola Rhyolite), El Penon Latitic Suite (El Oso Quartz Latite, Segoviera Rhyolite); and 3) El Baul Granitic Suite (Pinero Granite, Mata Oscura Granite and Mogote Granite).
Next on our list was a tour of the ghost-mining town Rhyolite, which got its name from the silica-rich volcanic rock in the area.
The mineral suites are found in pale gray to maroon rhyolite flows of late Tertiary to Quaternary age, the result of volcanic outpourings along large faults developed on a regional scale.
The old house's rhyolite stone walls were retained and became an integral component of the new facility.
For building materials, they used what was at hand: hundreds of lodgepole pine trees growing nearby in the national park and rhyolite stone quarried from an ancient lava flow.
The northernmost exposure shows rhyolite in contact with Bonneterre Formation (el.
Underfoot, basalt, rhyolite, cinder crust, obsidian.
It's all part of the Rhyolite Canyon formation in the Chiricahua National Monument, about a two-hour drive east of Tucson.
Youngest uppermost, they are the Andesite, Contact, Rhyolite and Dacite Units.
This molten rock would then rise toward the surface and create formations of granite and rhyolite.