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having corresponding sounds especially terminal sounds


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Each line of the three poems was annotated for a variety of factors, such as the type of rhyme, the position of missing stress (if any), the type of the onset consonant, and the length of the rhyming word.
She didn't stop writing rhyming poems, though she saves her rhymes for her special communications with family, friends and anyone with whom she might communicate.
The first section of the essay considers a variety of Warring States texts and finds that rhyming in most of the Zhuangzi has the greatest likeness to the Lushi chunqiu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and Guanzi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "suggesting the composite nature of those texts" (p.
French playwright Moliere originally wrote Tartuffe - the tale of a scheming hypocrite who wreaks havoc when he worms his way into a rich but gullible merchant's home - in rhyming couplets.
Edmund Burke builds his argument on the nature of the sublime partly out of noticing the effect on us of expectation and surprise, and then Coleridge generalizes that poetry's technology of poetic language, as we might say, uses surprise of local effect in poetic meter, which of course is played against the reader's expectation of regularity of scheme; so in rhyming, a rhyme word that because of its freshness surprises us plays against our expectation of knowing that a similar sound is coming.
Although lacking in rhyming skills, beat-making, or any facet of musicality whatsoever, Rogers caught the eye of the Cash Money crew due to his taste in diamonds.
This article surveys this phenomenon as it relates to the published corpus of rhyming palindromic verse, with the primary focus on three "standard" rhyming palindromic quatrain types.
Sexy Smith, who has a string of hit rap songs to his name, says he was told about his son's lack of rhyming skills at a school parent evening.
Not only has it been great fun but the children have learned about rhyming and rhythm in the process, which we feel is really important.
The second edition of this beginning phonics program for grades Pre-K-1 includes a Teacher's Manual providing instructions and scripts for addressing five skill areas: listening, rhyming, segmenting, learning phoneme/ grapheme relationships and dictation.
Neither Alphabet nor Numbers is in rhyming format, but they do offer a glimpse into the world of the toddler and his family - a voyage of discovery through messy play, visits to grandma's and parties.
Effects of combining thematic-fantasy play and activities targeting discrimination and production of rhyming words were examined.
Whereas Pulci's Italian hendecasyllabic octaves rhyme abababcc, Tusiani has chosen to approximate that form with an English blank verse sestette, followed by a rhyming or half-rhyming pentameter couplet.
Yet his facility for rhyming impresses belligerent inmates enough to keep Joshua out of danger.