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Synonyms for rhyme



Synonyms for rhyme

a poetic work or poetic works

Synonyms for rhyme

compose rhymes

be similar in sound, especially with respect to the last syllable

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During the press conference, Jumabekov read the rhyme "I am Kyrgyz" and said he wrote it.
Ann's handmade quilt features characters from key British nursery rhymes which are important for young children as they help develop an ear for the English language.
At 12:01 a.m., officers who were on a routine patrol pulled Rhyme over for a routine traffic stop in the 6100 block of South Eberhart, police said.
Older usages include 'dollypeg', the old wooden instrument with legs used to churn the washing, from 'peggy', a rhyme with 'meggie', a Lancashire dialect term for 'centipede.' .' Simpler examples are: 'Royal Liver', for a 'fiver', and 'sky hook', for 'look.'.
Most of Ireland and pockets of southern England and the midlands rhyme with 'cone' whereas huge areas of the north and Scotland rhyme scone with 'gone'.
Who'd have thought it?" Partners in Rhyme is based on an original idea by Matt Edmondson he called Obama Llama.
(6) Most recently, Peter McDonald denounced Century because of its facile rhymes: "It is easy to point out instances of banal relation in Swinburne's habits of rhyme, and (especially in his later work) of banality that topples over into triviality.
The list would have been even longer had I not limited it to these strict criteria of rhyme:
Rhyme's Challenge: Hip Hop, Poetni, and Contemporary Rhyming Culture.
In this article, we address one such problem--the interaction between rhythm (stress patterns internal to the poetic line) and rhyme (repetition of line endings)--on the basis of an in-depth statistical study of the Onegin stanza, a poetic form that developed within Russian syllabo-accentual system of versification in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Rhyme, as used in poetry, is a tricky thing, often seen as a hallmark of unserious or juvenile thinking.
In some cases, Govier gives a thorough explanation of the origin of the rhyme and its possible meaning(s).
A rhyme correspondence is a relatively strict and composite rule of inter-linguistic sound correlations.
As a read aloud and for beginning readers, the use of rhyme and repetition is pleasing.