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shaped like a rhombus or rhomboid


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Due to their rhomboidal shape, the empty pores are interpreted to result from the local dissolution of metastable dolomite minerals and, as such, the dissolution process appears to be fundamentally unrelated to the dolomitisation process.
Examples of the long survival of this type during the Early Bronze Age are the elements from Is Calitas Soleminis, which preserves the typical central, rhomboidal flattening (Manunza et al., 2005: 147).
The small, partially inverted, symmetrical basal cavity is located below the cusp where it has a more or less rhomboidal outline.
Recently some of us have shown that coherently with Lieb's theorem triangular structures have high-spin ground states and are ferromagnetic, while hexagonal and rhomboidal ones are open-shell low-spin structures of very high multireference character.
As the volume of water on substrates and Mo[O.sub.3] increases up to 200 [micro]L, the resulting morphology is Mo[O.sub.2] microplates with rhomboidal shape, a result that has been reported by other groups; its origin attributed to a deficiency of S in the growth region [21,22].
The most common areas of involvement include the central chest and back with lesions extending in a rhomboidal fashion superoinferiorly, as well as the neck and axillae.
In QAV, echocardiography shows an X-shaped pattern during diastole and a rhomboidal image in systole [7] (Figure 1).
With a rhomboidal shape, they are easy to operate with low maintenance requirements, Deister stated, and since they are fully suspended, they require less floor space than floor-mounted units.
Diandongosaurus acutidentatus Shang, Wu and Li 2011, from China, presents rhomboidal neural spines and elongated centra, this last character also being shared with the Chinese eosauropterygians Hanosaurus hupehensis Young 1972, and Majiashanosaurus discocoracoidis Jiang, Motani, Tintori, Rieppel, Chen, Huang, Zhang, Sun and Ji 2014 (Rieppel 1998b; Shang et al., 2011; Sato et al., 2014; Jiang et al., 2014), but not with UPUAM 14072.
For details on how to compute [F.sub.iud](X; Y) using "rhomboidal" trellis techniques such that both the desired correction term (9) and the confidence interval are kept under a predetermined accuracy (e.g., [10.sup.-4]), see [10].