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Synonyms for rhomboid

a parallelogram with adjacent sides of unequal lengths

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shaped like a rhombus or rhomboid


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10) study, they reported that in all twenty sides, the DSN was intertwined with the dorsal scapular artery and was found along the anterior border of the rhomboid major and minor muscles.
This is because remaining in these positions for long periods of time lengthens the rhomboids and shortens the pectoral muscles in the chest (which work in opposition to the rhomboids), creating a muscular imbalance that can result in back pain.
As such, the objective of the present research is to describe the use of a rhomboid cutaneous flap for the reconstruction of a skin defect originated from tumor excision on a dogs' face, emphasizing the importance of reconstructive surgery in veterinary medicine.
The tumor showed positive stain and it demonstrated characteristic diastase-resistant crystalline structures with rhomboid and rod-like structure in some tumor cells (arrow).
Limberg flap or rhomboid flap has the best results and is the treatment of choice in recurrent or complex or for that matter all the pilonidal sinuses.
Rhomboid windows appear at irregular intervals, piercing the gray concrete facade.
The exhibition's first big image is Times, 1979, an enlarged photo of a painting of a square; here the oblique camera angle suggests that the canvas is slightly rhomboid, provoking a subtle geometric disorientation.
A tangram is made by dividing a large square into seven smaller pieces: a rhomboid, a square and five triangles.
A decomposition P of the rhomboid with vertices (0,0), (M/2, M[square root of 3]/2), (M+N/2, (M-N)[square root of 3]/2) and (N/2, -N[square root of 3]/2) into unit triangles and unit rhombi, all edges labelled 0 or 1, such that each region is a puzzle piece is said to be a rhomboid-shaped Knutson-Tao puzzle of size (M, N).
Between the shoulder blades and the spine are the rhomboid muscles (Figure 8).
Resculpting of the bonnet, grille, bumper and lower edge of the headlight units has sharpened the new generation A8's front, while the rear tail lamps have been revised with all models bar the S8 now incorporating two rhomboid tail pipes.
At the rear, the design of the LED tail lamps has been revised and the bumper in all models bar the S8 now incorporates two rhomboid tail pipes.
There can be fewer images of World War I more iconic than the tank; that classic rhomboid shape, with tracks around the outside edge, and guns poking out from the sides.
She picked up the plastic hamper, sticking her fingers through the rhomboid cut-outs on either side, and poured all its contents onto the carpet.