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a mineral consisting of manganese carbonate

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substituted by a variety of elements, this leads to the formation of many different calcite isotypes; Ca (calcite), Cd (otavite), Co,Zn (smithsonite), Fe (siderite), Mg (magnesite), Mn(rhodochrosite) etc.
For example, rhodochrosite (MnCO3), regardless of where it is found in the world, is characteristically pink or red because of its manganese content.
Gangue species in the manganese veins most commonly included barite, calcite and quartz; rarely, aragonite and siderite occur; extremely rarely (and only in Silberbachtal), rhodochrosite was found.
Generally, the equilibria of Mn[O.sub.2] (pyrolusite), [Mn.sub.2][O.sub.3] (bixbyite), [Mn.sub.3][O.sub.4] (hausmannite), MnC[O.sub.3] (rhodochrosite), and Mn[(OH).sub.2] (pyrochroite) with [Mn.sup.2+] are the dominant Mn systems in soil (Gotoh and Patrick 1972).
Exotic gems; v.1: How to identify and buy tanzanite, ammolite, rhodochrosite, zultanite, sunstone, moonstone, & other feldspars.
The dipsomaniacs that returned late into the night from their pubs and made their customary urinovomitive halt in the sheltering murk of Sergeant Levarda sometimes found themselves with their noses against the window beyond which kaleidoscopic shapes were twisting and spinning and wobbling, rhodochrosite crystals that liqueified into throbbing exotic flowers sprouting lanceolate protuberances, quills that multiplied like a porcupine's, swords that blunted into milestones, into Gaelic cairns, then they rounded into seeds, swelled into colored drupes, into ink-blue blastulae, then into indigo morulae, so that in the end it all coalesced into one single large zygote of fluorescent plasma, hovering in the dark as if in a black hole.
He was a grade three student in my son's class whose granddad operated a rhodochrosite quarry.
These include the Quartz Lift Serum, which contains the purest concentration of the marine extract Padina Pavonica in addition to precious minerals Quartz and Rhodochrosite to protect the skin and improve plumpness.
Rhodochrosite, she says, is important for those with rescued animals.
To encourage a calm and comfortably warm atmosphere in the kitchen, decorate with a polished rosy pink rhodochrosite. Pink minerals are associated with physical love and affection and epitomise the care that goes into feeding and nurturing the family.
Rhodochrosite usually occurs as translucent to opaque, fine-grained aggregates, often showing a banded pattern of white and pink due to the presence of impurities.
* What do malachite, smithsonite, rhodochrosite and hermatite have in common?
The carbonate minerals siderite and rhodochrosite were also commonly detected in partially oxidised peat and in ferricretes.
The gangue minerals are quartz, rhodochrosite, fluorite, calcite, and dolomite (Figures 4(f)-4(h)).
The opening ceremonies on May 28 included Bryan Lees' presentation of a Sweet Home mine rhodochrosite specimen as a gift to the Geological Museum of China.