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a horizontal plant stem with shoots above and roots below serving as a reproductive structure

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Of the five rhizomatous species studied, only three species had rhizomes that were sufficiently developed by time of harvest for analysis: B.
ha-1glufosinate enhanced the control of mugwort, a rhizomatous weed by 74% compared with either un-mowed mugwort (65%) or mugwort mowed once (48%) before an application of 1.
glabra displayed developmental disturbance despite its rhizomatous growth, but the effect of environmental contamination was potentially less severe than might have been the case for species that do not exhibit rhizomatous growth.
Rhizomatous perennial graminoids, including the grass Dupontia fischeri (Fisher's tundragrass) and the hydrophytic sedges Carex aquatilis (water sedge), Eriophorum angustifolium (tall cottongrass), and E.
Large rhizomatous sedge species such as Baumea articulata and Eleocharis sphacelata, should be planted at the shallow edge of their preferred habitat--i.
The abundance of interpretive tropes is not only attractively rhizomatous in a Deleuzian sense, but also and mainly a monument to a lifetime of careful reading, which may prove inspiring to careful readers of Perrot's study.
Harnett (1989), while studying the effects of defoliation on the different densities of the rhizomatous grasses Andropogon gerardii Vitman (Poaceae) and Panicum virgatum L.
Cereals, belonging to the group of rhizomatous-stolon-forming and rhizomatous, differ by active participation in formation of aftermath of lateral buds of apogeotropic shoots (both rhizomes and stolon-type).
It prefers a moist, shady spot where its rhizomatous roots won't dry out, but beware that it doesn't totally invade the area if you want to keep it contained.
Indeed, other rhizomatous plants generally have but a single horizontal rhizome system layer (Bell & Tomlinson, 1980).
Common reed (Phragmites australis) is a rhizomatous plant of Poaceae family having wide spread [18].