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any of various slender filaments that function as roots in mosses and ferns and fungi etc

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Spore germination was characterized by the emergence, at first, of a unicellular, hyaline rhizoid. 9-12 days after sowing, the first prothallial cell appeared, in a plane perpendicular to the rhizoid, showing abundant chloroplasts (Fig.
This is while due to relativity theory -contraction of space- we are entering a world full of invisible strings that virtually everything is connected with every other thing in a rhizoid way following the time laws rather than space laws.
For fungal characterization, mycelium stained with cotton blue-in-Lactophenol was examined under microscope for the following: Nature of Conidia shape, sporangiophore, Anthrospores, spore head, rhizoid and hyphae (septate or non septate).
This group as now constituted includes the rhizoid amoebae which have one or more broad pseudopodia, and a firm shell.
So with Nussbaum's Upheavals of Thought and Wilson's The Hydra's Tale which develop theoretical models for the emotions, the rhizoid complexities underneath apparently uncomplicated surfaces that become ever more manifest.
Variations in colony form can be categorized as punctiform, circular, filamentous, irregular, rhizoid, and spindle.
Rather, once the parasite penetrates the host, division of the parasite rhizoid gives rise to an endophytic system of cells that extends between host cells, fuses with host cells, and injects nuclei into the host's cells.
Culture Morphology Pigmentation Edge medium R2A 1 orange irregular 2 yellow smooth 3 cream smooth 4 pink smooth 5 transparent irregular 6 white smooth 7 light yellow irregular 8 light yellow sawing MA 9 white smooth 10 orange smooth 11 damask irregular 12 brown lobed 13 yellow sawing Culture Morphology Form Consistency medium R2A 1 round viscose 2 round viscose 3 round creamy 4 round creamy 5 round creamy 6 round dry 7 irregular viscose 8 round creamy MA 9 rhizoid dry 10 round creamy 11 irregular creamy 12 punctate dry 13 round viscose Table 3.
These fungi play an important role in the primary digestion of plant fiber via a broad range of highly active fiber-degrading enzymes and their extensive rhizoid system (Theodorou et al., 1995).
Principal branches 50-90 [micro]m in diam., with segments 65-115 [micro]m long, fixed to substratum by a unicellular rhizoid 50 [micro]m in diam.
rhizoid: Rootlike absorptive structures on the underside of certain gametophytes.