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The first lion met Buto's charge and was tossed high over the back of the maddened brute, torn and dying, and then the six remaining lions were upon the rhinoceros, rending and tearing the while they were being gored or trampled.
For a time it seemed to Tarzan that Buto, the rhinoceros, would prove victor in the gory battle.
Now he swung lightly to the lower terraces of the overarching trees when some subtle sense warned him that Numa lay upon a kill directly in his path, or again he sprang lightly to one side as Buto, the rhinoceros, lumbered toward him along the narrow, deep-worn trail, for the ape-man, ready to fight upon necessity's slightest pretext, avoided unnecessary quarrels.
Jambiya craftsmen, concerned authorities and academics this month attended an awareness-raising workshop on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), during which experts urged craftsmen to replace rhinoceros horn with alternative materials in their daggers.
A baby Eastern Black Rhinoceros was born to the zoo's herd.
Word History: The ancient Greeks were familiar with the African species of rhinoceros and called the animal in Greek monoker[macron over o]s, "one-horned," and more commonly rhinoker[macron over o]s, "nose-horned.
Also up for grabs are three rhinoceros concessions, which are yet to be identified.
THE vertebra of an Ice Age rhinoceros has been unearthed at a water park by a five-year-old girl on a day out with her family.
Image, created using Rhinoceros software and then rendered in Bunkspeed, courtesy Phil Carrizzi, Contralat Brooch, 2008.
The Rhinoceros Iguana and Madagascan Boas will be on show for the reptile talks by keeper Adam Radvanovik.
BEFORE BARBARO or Dolly the cloned sheep, there was Clara, an Indian rhinoceros who reigned as the biggest celebrity animal in mid-eighteenth-century Europe.
The first rhinoceros born in captivity in a century will soon be shipped back to its native land by the Los Angeles Zoo.
Here are some samples--"It felt like I was confronting a charging rhinoceros with a koala for backup.
In his play Rhinoceros, for instance, he depicts a small, provincial town whose citizens turn into a huge herd of conforming, unfeeling, and unthinking rhinoceroses.
What the Butler Saw (Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, Sept.