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the anterior tip at the end of the suture of the nasal bones

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Caption: Figure 1--Radiological nasal skin thickness measured at the nasion, rhinion, and nasal tip at the midline on a sagittal CT.
For the Class I, statistical differences were found (P less than 0.05) between the genders in the rhinion point, subnasal and upper lip.
Then axial, coronal, and sagittal images, as well as 3D model, were reviewed to determine the location of rhinion and nasion.
For elderly patients with severe nasal tip ptosis that requires more extensive correction, the previously described steps can be augmented by a skin excision "nose-lift." An incision is made at the rhinion, and the nasal tip is lifted by overlapping the excess skin/soft-tissue envelope of the nasal dorsum over the incision.
Of the researchers surveyed, all placed a landmark at the root of the nasal bone (nasion) and all except His (1895) placed another at the tip (rhinion).