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Synonyms for rheumy

moist, damp, wet (especially of air)

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of or pertaining to arthritis

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Heed fey symbols or signs which sense brute pain, warn or bode dire straits, barren woe, cruel fate: Ringing bells pealed, tolled grisly night, chilly rain, rheumy mist, eerie pall.
But in a year or so he would become someone else, the shaggy barefoot guru with the rheumy eyes padding between Newman Hall in Waterloo Quadrant and the urban proto-commune in Boyle Crescent, Grafton.
20 Warwickshire phrases 20 Warwickshire phrases Apricock - Apricot Bloodboltered - Covered in blood Caggie-handed - Left-handed De Di - Ice Cream Englut - Eat greedily Fadge - To suit Fap - Drunk Firk - Reprimand / scold Honey-stalks - Clover Intpinse - Mess, confusion, tangle Ronvon - Derisive word for a woman Knap - To hit Mammock - To break or tear Ninny - A fool or nincompoop Puttock - A kite Ronvon - Derisive word for a woman Rheumy - Moist Swinge-buckler - A bully Unpregnant - Inane Wall-eyed - Shocked Zany - Crazy buffoonery
I remember one lady looking at me with vast, rheumy eyes, and she said, 'When we were young we thought we were human beings; now we're not even like animals.
To think this all but wasted soul with rheumy eyes had participated in the country's first indigenous Everest climb in 1965, and been awarded the Tiger Badge for it
He never came back," Sarkiss said, tears welling in his rheumy eyes.
Welfare dependent drones, still rubbing sleep from rheumy eyes, street-cleaning at dawn or queueing daily to register themselves as job-seeking.
Most often, Hitler appears as an angular and increasingly mange-spattered wolf, sometimes with colossal tears of shame spurting from his rheumy eyes, his fangs yellowed and flecked.
His eyes are rheumy, several teeth are missing, his beard is knotted, and there are sores on his neck which, I assume, extend all the way down.
I wanted it to be the last, and it worked out, just happened, that way regardless of my wishes, no matter; and now, nursing an unpleasant head cold I console myself--my mind being useless for anything else, though even in its rheumy state hovering around essential things--by recalling the autumns of Berlin.
The lids are slow to open, and even then, the eyes are rheumy, bewildered.
Juvenal also spilled the gossip on Eppia, the wife of a senator, saying she abandoned her children and ran off to Egypt with a gladiator even though he had "a broken arm, a big bump on the nose and a rheumy eye.
Jennifer Feather in "To 'Tempt the Rheumy and Unpurged Air': Contagion and Agency in Julius Caesar" makes the interesting suggestion that Brutus suffers from "inverse akrasia," i.
He's a 59-year old retiree who absorbs everything through roaming, rheumy eyes.
Enjoy youth's wonders Before old age plunders Squirrel away memories for future reference To ponder on with awed reverence To have been so young And had so much fun For behind these old rheumy eyes The young girl still flies And twirls and whirls Always to be that very young girl.