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The provision of such anecdotal evidence by a reputable figure as an ethos rhetorical device is used to discredit environmentalists and persuade viewers that environmentalism conceals the truth that capitalism ultimately enhances the ecological environment for human habitation.
Abbas, who aims to pursue statehood through political means at international level, has no interest in encouraging violence, and Israel's accusations are a rhetorical device aimed at harming his diplomatic drive, they said.
I am purposefully shying away from the subsequent political realities because they are beyond the scope of classical analysis of specific rhetorical devices.
Capital responded to labour's gains during the New Deal Era with a rhetorical device to explain their position in the workplace.
In his discussion of structural matters, Farnsworth quotes Emerson employing the rhetorical device of isocolon, the use of words or phrases of the same length to reinforce parallelism: "The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons" (p.
Chapter 6 contains an especially compelling exposition of Othello's characters' uses of the rhetorical device of hysteron proteron--stating last things first.
It was the central rhetorical device of the movement that brought down Egypt's Hosni Mubarak in February, and it was the phrase that represented a red line for the rulers of the Gulf state of Bahrain in March.
Therefore, to illustrate the positive potential of such writing, each rhetorical device will be examined herein individually.
Columnist Jackson Diehl argues that the Obama administration's relative silence on human rights and its distancing from Israel has made anti-Zionism (sometimes with an anti-Semitic edge) the go-to rhetorical device for Muslim democrats who otherwise might be important American allies.
But anybody who uses it as a rhetorical device suggesting that U.
Indeed, Christian rhetoric against other groups, be they Jews or Gnostics, often included the charges that said groups reckoned their identity in a fixed manner in contrast to Christianity's fluidity: "Ethnic reasoning is an effective rhetorical device for those seeking to gain authority for their visions of Christianness in part because they can use it to persuade readers to think of themselves and others using collective strategies" (p.
He provides us with some useful lessons on how a concept like globalization can be used as a rhetorical device and exploited for political purposes, often quite effectively so.
Nelson, however, figures courtship as a rhetorical device capable of functioning in multiple ways to challenge the devotional impulses of Donne's auditory.
These ID advocates are annoying but little more than temporary gadflies whose main rhetorical device is an argument from personal ignorance.
Northrop Frye (1957) made a waspish academic wisecrack on the subject: "the fallacy of what in history is called determinism, where a scholar with a special interest in geography or economics expresses that interest by the rhetorical device of putting his favourite subject into a causal relationship with whatever interests him less.