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Synonyms for rhapsodic

feeling great rapture or delight

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The collection encompasses a range of characters, from the dreamy rubato of "Arirang" from Korea, to the flowing sixteenths evoking the "high mountain, flowing water" of "Gao shan liu shui" from China, to the driving rock rhythms of the Mongolian "Hongor Mori," and the rhapsodic "Samalindang" from Brunei.
In its avoidance of all ambiguity, this giantscreen opus boils down to a rhapsodic endorsement of the tourism and shopping industries.
On the final day there will be a brunch concert at 11.15am featuring Howells' Rhapsodic Clarinet Quintet Op 31 and Elgar's String Quartet in E Minor Op 83.
MacMillan James MacMillan is surely the foremost British composer of our times -in his Cantos Sagrados there is political passion, while in his rhapsodic, heart-melting Gallant Weaver and his Celtic-inspired Christus Vincit there's something for everyone.
Some of that was down to Petrenko and the Phil, and some to debuting violinist Vilde Frang, a Stradivariuswielding Norwegian Pre-Raphelite who turned her instrument into a songbird, singing a romantic, rhapsodic refrain over the Phil's impassioned, furious scherzo before launching her own musical assault that showed there is an iron fist in the velvet glove.
Signs ranged from the blunt to the sage to the rhapsodic. "I would so like to meet all these people!" gushed one commenter.
The Ion portrays Socrates in dialogue about the nature of the rhapsodic techne with Ion, a rhapsode or actor, who performs Homer's poetry both in contests and for private audiences.
Also included on the DVD is a 20-minute documentary, "Poet of Dance." Directed by Marita Stocker, the film captures King's rhapsodic musings on his company and dancers, plus footage of class and rehearsals at the LINES Dance Center.
How Plato himself pointed out the direction for the reversal of Platonism is the main question at stake in Statkiewicz's book, which revolves around the notion of a 'rhapsodic dialogue' articulated by Plato in the third book of the Republic.
Not all the accounts are rhapsodic. Several of the newcomers found hardship and prejudice and some still struggle to feel at home in Michigan.
Miller's unvarnished, rhapsodic, brutal, lyrical words still enthrall, still repel decades after they first appeared in print.
Principally, Statkiewicz has in mind the rhapsodic mimesis that he attributes to poetry and sees operative as a fundamental but actively and unfairly subordinated principle in the Western philosophical tradition.
Artists and critics wax rhapsodic about Blinky Palermo, but a deep understanding of his work is only beginning to emerge.
The rhapsodic and gentle slow movement led to a sparkling finale in which Thibaudet played with considerable panache.
azure skies, you would swoon, rhapsodic, and call me King.