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Synonyms for rewrite

Synonyms for rewrite

to prepare a new version of

the act or process of revising

Synonyms for rewrite

something that has been written again

rewrite so as to make fit to suit a new or different purpose

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We define the lazy graph rewrite relation [[right arrow].sub.L] as induced by a left-linear TRS.
AVM Technology 26074 Avenue Hall, Suite 15 Valencia, CA 91355 Telephone: (800) 884-9399 Application Name: Realwise Millennium Hardware Platforms: PC Based Largest Installation: 500 Properties 3,000 Active Tenants/Leases Primary/Secondary Property Types: Mixed Use Cost Range: $3,000 to $100,000 Last Revision Date and Application Version: September 1996 Date for Next Major Rewrite: 2000 DOS Total Number of Installations: 500 Windows, 2,000 DOS
For example: "Any discrepancies are brought to the seller's attention, and the difference is resolved." The verbs in the passive voice are "are brought" and "is resolved." Ask yourself who did the actions and rewrite the sentence: "We bring discrepancies to the seller's attention and resolve the differences."
So I would say, as a rule of thumb, don't rewrite unless you know what you're trying to do.
Prior to rewrite, the "Basinwide" text tells why La Habra data is missing from Map 2 (source of A): the authors lack adequate data for 1967.
US banks have opined that regulators need to rewrite the Basel III rules.
The issue had generated extensive debate since the Professional Ethics Committee proposed its rewrite of the opinion.
The stakes of rewriting's capacity to transform are most obvious in Narrative Innovation, which argues the norm-breaking revisionary strategies of postmodern fiction effectively rewrite and transform Manichean cultural polarities characteristic of the Cold War.
THE EUROPEAN Commission is planning to rewrite European Union (EU) laws affecting the fishing meat industry to simplify existing EU legislation across the board, easing the sector's understanding of often complex and baffling regulations.
Globe editorial page editor Renee Loth might holler, "Get me rewrite!" Whoever first cracks open the Associated Press Stylebook will discover the entry for off of: "The of is unnecessary: He fell off the bed.
She focused on the impending rewrite of the 1996 Telecommunications Act.
Caroline Rody's The Daughter's Return importantly links these two themes to provide a compelling examination of how recent African American and Caribbean women writers return to the past in order to rewrite it.
``We wanted to rewrite parts of the Bible for a generation that rarely darkens the doors of the local church.''
ECONOMIC development minister Andrew Davies yesterday rejected appeals to rewrite ambitious plans to drive up prosperity in Wales despite being warned that they could not be delivered.
MICHAEL Schumacher takes his personal crusade to rewrite F1 history to Silverstone next week with Jackie Stewart predicting he will blow the record books apart.