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  • verb

Synonyms for rework

to prepare a new version of

Synonyms for rework

use again in altered form

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Only when this condition is satisfied does it make economical sense to make facilities available for reworking units that have failed the test.
125mm--it is no surprise that reworking 01005s with lead-free solder paste is a great challenge.
Sometimes reworking a product means using a metal detector to scan for metal shavings.
The lease improvement work and reworking of the four additional wells is on schedule to meet our projection of 1500 bbls.
Several years ago, a simpler, faster method for reworking leadless devices was developed using polyimide stencils.
Practice Boards 1 and 2 were selected for development work prior to reworking a PTH component on the Maverick Card.
Other Hours'' (Marsalis Music) For the first of his Connick on Piano series, the multifaceted performer, right, delivers an instrumental reworking of his Tony-nominated score from the Broadway play ``Thou Shalt Not,'' with backing from his longtime big band.
Pink Sheets HMGP) is currently reworking 4- and 5-inch cased wells in the Montgomery County, Kansas lease near the town of Cherryvale.
It is possible, then, for a hidden defect to be present after reworking a PTH connector, which could result in failures in the field.
Trophy and IRA will develop the Leases in phases in accordance with the following development plan: Phase 1 ("Phase 1") will consist of the Reworking of one (1) well and re-entry of two (2) wells on Leases in Runnels County; Phase 2 ("Phase 2") will consist of the drilling and completion of two (2) wells to the Goen Reef in Runnels County; Phase 3 ("Phase 3") will consist of the Rework of seventeen (17) wells and initiation of waterflood in Brown County; and Phase 4 ("Phase 4") will consist of the drilling and completion of one (1) Cross-Cut well and one (1) Barnett Shale well in Brown County.
The major capital equipment required for reworking PCBs includes handsoldering and rework stations, area array rework systems, solder fountains, x-ray, stereo microscopes, CCD imaging systems and endoscopes.
The well is the first of an up to 45-well reworking program predominantly located in the Altamont-Bluebell Field, which historically has produced over 350 million barrels of oil equivalent.
Fellows is planning a reworking program on one of the producing wells and one of the shut-in wells along with its partner, MBA Resource Corporation, which will be the first in many steps aimed at achieving sharp production increases.
Reworking a large, multi-layer, polyimide printed circuit board (PCB), which may have high ground planes and high-value and thermally sensitive plastic BGA (PBGA) and ceramic column grid array (CCGA) packages, is challenging to successfully solder.