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  • verb

Synonyms for rework

to prepare a new version of

Synonyms for rework

use again in altered form

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The following three processes were investigated as potential manual 01005 package rework methods.
The question that is to be answered with this analysis is that given a certain Yield "Y," that must be met by a manufacturing process "M," having capability "c," and given a certain number of times through the rework cycle "R," how many units of "N," must be started?
Reworks also have a negative impact on Atos Origin in that under the contract between Atos and the DWP severe financial penalties are imposed for excessive numbers of reworks as this is felt to reflect on the level of service provided by the company.
Knee cracks, pad rotation and the "lifted-pad" delamination are related to the high degree of z-axis expansion that occurs with the thermal excursions required for lead-free assembly and rework.
Furniture manufacturers can increase their profit margins simply by reducing rework, instead of increasing capacity.
Rework (seeing the patient twice for the same thing, performing a test already done, repeating instructions).
It includes all the time spent in queuing, moving, down time, setup, inspection and rework, as well as process time.
CHICAGO -- CNA recently announced an enhancement to its current coverages for precasters - the Concrete Product Rework endorsement which will reimburse precasters for expenses arising out of the removal, repair or replacement of defective precast concrete products.
EVERY SEASONED SMT process engineer has at least one nightmare story about bad rework chemistry.
com)-- After 4 years of work experience on the field of BGA component rework for laptop's motherboard repair, Greek laptop repair and data recovery laboratory Computer Systems announces the investment of 166.
The Glover lease is the most active one and, consequently, is initially targeted for the first of the rework and treatment program.
No one, save for a few equipment suppliers, likes rework, but it's an ugly fact of life.
The iNEMI Lead-free Assembly and Rework Project found that nitrogen is better in terms of aesthetic appearance of lead-free solder joints, but not necessary to ensure joint integrity.
In addition, crews will rework traffic signals at 10th Street West and Avenue K and at Commerce Center Drive.
You're making frankfurters and you get broken frankfurters or they're off weight, they'll rework them.