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  • verb

Synonyms for rework

to prepare a new version of

Synonyms for rework

use again in altered form

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Knee cracks, pad rotation and the "lifted-pad" delamination are related to the high degree of z-axis expansion that occurs with the thermal excursions required for lead-free assembly and rework.
Day Two requires rework of 38 nightstands, which will consume 76 pans.
The cost of a unit easily can be calculated by inspection if no rework was attempted, that is,
America Resources said that its operator, Diamond Energy, will be executing the rework programme and that it is additionally soliciting bids from several service providers for its additional completion and oil field service needs.
what type of / how much rework is avoidable in SDLC
He added that IBL would invest resources to make R&D's vapor phase rework machine smaller.
When determining the rework candidacy of an assembly, a number of factors should be considered.
There is no way to rework ground product, for aesthetics, or physical contaminants like fecal.
As customer demands become more exacting, we must refocus our attention on the astronomical costs of rework.
Titan Oil and Gas Has Developed Relationships With Local Well Service Companies to Hasten the Operations to Fully Rework the Crows Run Oil Field
With the advent of the ultra miniature 01005 body packages in a lead-free solder assembly environment, there is a need to develop an optimized process to rework these passives.
The solder ball is most likely the result of using paste to rework the part, with excessive paste resulting in a solder ball.
keeping with a solid reputation of high quality circuit board rework & repair, recently invested in BGA rework equipment to accommodate the gamut of rework needs that exists today.
Seeing the rework step included in its overall quality plan and part of the test and inspection discussion, I realized this is a very logical inclusion; one I previously had not entertained.