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changing a particular word or phrase

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According to the ministry, a Polish team was set to arrive in Israel with the aim of rewording the law.
Perhaps if Lee were a professional writer, his readers would devote more effort to interpreting his words and less to critiquing them, especially since criticizing word choice leads students to view revision as rewording (Sommers 46-8).
In a press release, the EP's rapporteur, French Socialist Catherine Trautmann, notes that its proposals concern: the rewording of the spring Council conclusions on the competitive framework for stimulating deployment of the new fibre networks; a sub-paragraph that refers to the digital dividend' (frequencies freed up by the switchover from analogue to digital TV); and debates on Amendment 138/46 on internet users' freedom of expression and information (see Europolitics 3726).
In accordance with the later rewording of the Constitution passed through the national referendum on 23 October 2007, the presidential election should be held in 2010.
On one hand, PhRMA has taken our Committee's concerns seriously by revising parts of their [direct-to-consumer advertising] code; on the other hand, some of these changes are merely a rewording of prior policy that does nothing to increase consumer protection," said Representative Bart Stupak, chair of the investigations subcommittee of the House commerce committee.
Suggestions put forth included simplifying the enrollment process, providing more information to applicants and rewording the refusal remarks given to unqualified applicants.
It has plenty of resources for enterprising writers tired of rewording the same old editorial.
THE proposed rewording of the EU "Treaty" by a cross party group of MPs is just more spin.
Sometimes rewording to avoid the possessive results in less felicitous writing.
I slaved away for 25 hours on that first entry, writing and polishing, revising and rewording, trying to find shorter ways to tell the tale without losing the punch.
M revoiced students' answers by either repeating the student's response verbatim or rewording the student's answer.
However, the original rewording of The Manic Street Preachers hit single was allegedly dropped from the front cover at the last minute.
Finland has reportedly indicated that it will accept the proposed rewording of a defence clause in the new European Union constitution.
A friend of the 10-strong band told 3am: "They had to get the lyrics cleared by Slade's publishers because they were rewording the song, but no one had a clue what they were on about.
Rethinking and rewording a typical guarantee can give it bold new life.