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The biggest change is that my life doesn't revolve around skateboarding anymore.
All the tales revolve around lost souls, corruption, damnation, and perhaps the very faint hope of salvation between the hot and cold wars of Heaven and Hell.
Emerging driver assistance systems like lane keeping that warns drivers when they are straying across the yellow line, or obstacle avoidance functions that notify drivers of nearby pedestrians, or even Facial monitoring that can detect drowsiness, all revolve around diminutive cameras strategically embedded throughout a vehicle.
Pointing to Falconbridge's Montcalm operation now under development north of Timmins, Gignac says the future of local mining will likely revolve around smaller operations with shorter mining life cycles, providing about 60 jobs to the local economy.
Martin Heidegger was a functionary of the Nazi party from the early 1930s until the end of the War; nearly all discussion about him nowadays, both on the part of philosophers and by others, inevitably seems to revolve around his various attempts at disassociation from Hitler that followed the nemesis of Nazi Germany.
The hanging will revolve around the museum's central hall, transformed by Rainer's large "black paintings" into a veritable shrine.
These two monographs, despite their differing methodologies and subject matter, both revolve around the definition of community for Reformed Protestantism and the question of continuity with the medieval past.
New York--Galileo's feud with the Catholic Church, over the scientist's assertion that the planets revolve around the sun, led to his house arrest in 1632 for astronomical heresy.
She recommends that families in trouble plan activities together that revolve around nature.
Crumbley's mysteries generally revolve around forensic accounting issues.
In factories, power relationships revolve around control of the work process, in armies they revolve around discipline.
Dissociation refers to reactions to trauma that revolve around feelings of emotional numbness, confusion, a sense of unreality or time alteration, distancing oneself from thoughts and sensations, detachment from others, and flashbacks.
THE PROBLEMS THAT BEVERLY HILLS 90210 grapples with usually revolve around adolescent angst and teenage trauma.
The stories are light and amusing and revolve around Suka's dorm life in Greenwood, with a big enough cast to keep things interesting.
The most poignant of Trethewey's poems are those that revolve around family.