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  • verb

Synonyms for revolve

be concerned with


Synonyms for revolve

to move or cause to move in circles or around an axis

Synonyms for revolve

move in an orbit

cause to move by turning over or in a circular manner of as if on an axis

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Andrew Pankhurst, re-use campaigns manager at ZeroWaste Scotland, said: "It's fantastic to have Pedalwise on board, joining more than 120 Revolve certified re-use stores across the country."
(From left) Michelle Black of reVOLve, Aphra Tulip, Vicky Fowler and Sophie Payne from the Senses Performance Group, and Lisa Dryburgh of reVOLve.
Russell Dalton, director of the Religious Communications program at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, said he worried "niche Bibles like Revolve might encourage kids to look at the Bible in a myopic way."
Alliance Apparel has been selling on Revolve since the launch of its first label Lovers + Friends in 2011, which quickly became and continues to be a top selling brand on the site, the company said.
Bennett has been with Revolve for over five years, and received her Interior Design Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Diploma for Interior Design during her educational endeavours.
“We're excited to share our blog with our clients and interior design enthusiasts,” commented Jeff Stoner, Managing Partner at Revolve Furnishings.
“We're eager to release our first Designer Profile video,” commented Jeff Stoner, Founding Partner, Revolve Furnishings.
Calgary, Canada, June 29, 2012 --( Revolve Furnishings is following their own motto to “Be Rebellious” with their latest social media launch: product review videos.
Calgary, Canada, June 01, 2012 --( Revolve Furnishings Founding Partner, Jeff Stoner, is pleased to inform Calgarians that the modern furniture store has partnered with Urban Property Real Estate to provide complimentary furniture packages for individuals who purchase new homes with the real estate associate.
Calgary, Canada, May 31, 2012 --( Revolve Furnishings' Founding Partner, Jeff Stoner, is pleased to announce that Revolve Furnishings is now up-and-running on a variety of social media channels.