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Synonyms for revolutionize

Synonyms for revolutionize

to bring about a radical change in

Synonyms for revolutionize

change radically

overthrow by a revolution, of governments

fill with revolutionary ideas

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Citrix Online is truly an innovator in its space and is commended for enabling support organizations to revolutionize the way they service customers.
The ZaGalleria will deliver a dynamic and versatile customer self-service solution that will revolutionize the way people buy art and wall decor.
The Decades of Innovation Exhibit presents a virtual hallway filled with stories, photos, interesting facts, and a sampling of Rain Bird's product and technology innovations that have helped revolutionize the way the world irrigates today.
It will revolutionize methods and processes that vary from incoming inspections to end-customer purity analysis, offering an affordable, easy-to-use product.
PODS"), is pleased to announce the launch of a hand held computer with technology that promises to further revolutionize operational processes associated with mobile moving and storage.
What eBay and Napster did to the retail and the music industries, betting exchanges will do to the betting industry throughout Europe - they will revolutionize and change it forever: