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Synonyms for revoke

Synonyms for revoke

to take back or remove

Synonyms for revoke

the mistake of not following suit when able to do so

fail to follow suit when able and required to do so

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All the way from Pasadena, California, and inspired by the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio, they made their mark at last year's Download and are back in the UK to unveil debut album Crisis In Utopia on a joint-headliner tour with Revoker.
Nothing justifies a rejection of the statement that this "Arian" was converted "after long arguments and after overcoming Satan's traps," since one consequence of the Diet's decision of 1658 was the emigration of several thousand Socinians, while many others converted to Catholicism even in the 1690s.(62) The description with which Teofila Ozarowska, "a revoker" from Lutheranism, was commemorated in 1714--"a most stubborn heretic and a most fanatical champion of her perfidious dogma"(63)--arose from the exaltation of the fathers' devotion.
This leads to situations in which the revoker needs to be fully aware of side effects, depending on definitions entered by other users.
KIDS In Glass Houses, Revoker and Martin Carr, pictured, (of The Boo Radleys) will be the first acts to appear on new digital TV programme, Locked At The Factory.
And he suggests that emerging new talent like Jets To Zurich, Reaper In Sicily, Revoker, Tiger Please and Straight Lines indicates that South Wales could see another rock and roll explosion.