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Synonyms for revoke

Synonyms for revoke

to take back or remove

Synonyms for revoke

the mistake of not following suit when able to do so

fail to follow suit when able and required to do so

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Although the allegations were later dropped, the entry remained in the application to revoke the club's licence.
Hernandez looked at private school alternatives when the board threatened to revoke Edison's charter and take back the school.
179-5 (b) indicates that the IRS will consent to a taxpayer's request to revoke the election, including any specification contained in the election, only in "extraordinary circumstances.
9100-2(b), a calendar year partnership that filed its 1999 return by April 17 still should be able to revoke its Sec.
If the buyer wrongfully rejects the goods or revokes acceptance, the seller has a number of recourses, including withholding delivery, reselling the goods, canceling the contract or (infrequently) recovering the entire price of the contract if resale of the goods has not been possible.
3, 1993, the Board of Accountancy took action to revoke Bushta's license.
In California, the National Lawyers Guild has twice petitioned the state to revoke the oil company Unocal's charter, citing everything from allegations of forced labor to "contributing to climate change while funding a researcher to throw doubt on climate-change science.
6, 2001, the Service issued Notice 2001-22, which gave IRS consent to revoke an effective election out of the installment method to an accrual-method taxpayer that filed a return by April 16, 2001, reporting income from an installment-sale transaction entered into on or after Dec.
The court noted that the parole board possessed the authority to revoke the good time credits under a statute in effect before the prisoner committed his offenses, even though the Board may have relied on a subsequently-enacted statute that more explicitly granted the same authority.
6, 1993, to revoke Russ' license; revocation was stayed with two years probation, and other standard terms and conditions.
International Trade Commission (ITC) to revoke antidumping and countervailing duty orders on imports of certain steel products from all countries currently covered except Germany and Korea.
AGUA DULCE - Los Angeles County planners found enough reason Tuesday to work toward a consensus between the community and the operators of the Agua Dulce Air Park, rather than revoke the rural airport's permits.
The Federal Court of Appeals ruled in principle that the authorities cannot revoke tax exempt status on donations to organizations that operate in the territories.
But the city only had the authority to revoke the market's permit to slaughter pigs under 50 pounds.