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Thus, the Board has stated that a party seeking interlocutory review "has the burden of persuading the Board that exceptional circumstances justify a departure from the basic policy of postponing appellate review until after the entry of final judgment.
In the review process contemplated by Rule 183(c), the Tax Court judge must accord deference to the special trial judge's findings.
Armed Recon Helicopter Milestone Decision Review -- June 23, 2005
Easing access to peer review findings demonstrates to the public that the profession has a process to evaluate whether a firm has performed work in accordance with professional standards, thereby increasing the public's level of trust in the profession and boosting the CPA's image.
Rochester's teacher retention rote is up to 90 percent, well over the 65 percent margin recorded before peer review was indoctrinated, Urbanski says.
Again, many thanks and continued success to you and Black Issues Book Review.
Even public health laws rewritten in the wake of the 9/11 events often include judicial review provisions that would be unworkable in a large outbreak; persons would either be detained illegally or be released because of legal technicalities.
Third, the review process is rigorous and takes time so be patient and meticulous in your authorship.
It would be too much to expect of one editor to collect reviews of all the author's sixty plus published titles and the many scripts produced during his forty-six-year career.
The concurrent chart review activities inherent in the monitoring of care rendered is the responsibility of the Medical Case Review Committee or Surgical Case Review Committee.
Fortunately, it is possible to build a better civilian review board.
We are very pleased with PowerReviews' unique customer review service," says Fred H.
The performance audit team followed government auditing standards (the Yellow Book) and conducted the review in a manner consistent with the code of ethics and standards issued by the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions.
The peer review process has changed little from journal to journal for centuries, and Kravchenko was expecting that his most recent paper would get vetted through the same process that put his 80-odd earlier papers into print.