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  • verb

Synonyms for revert

go back



  • return
  • go back to
  • be returned to
  • be once again in the possession of

Synonyms for revert

to come back to a former condition

to slip from a higher or better condition to a former, usually lower or poorer one

Synonyms for revert

undergo reversion, as in a mutation

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He added that no borrower would revert to the rate until June 2012 at the earliest.
Mr Rahman, an administrator for the Islamic Social Services Association, is reaching out to reverts via the internet, including social networking site Facebook, and has already got the names of 78 reverts in South Wales on his database.
This restriction did not result in any benefit for the taxpayer, and the patent could not revert to the taxpayer.
If the amine reverts back to a liquid, it is necessary to increase amine consumption during the curing cycle and to increase the purge time to assure that no residual amine odor is retained in the core after it is ejected from the corebox.
The council announced at the Lloyd's Market Forum, a regular monthly meeting of practitioners, that the role of the chairman will from 2001 revert to its pre-1992 status as a part-time job now that the bulk of the issues surrounding the reinvention of the market have been sorted out, following its near-collapse in the 1990s.
It features Auto-revert, to automatically revert a PC's hard disk to a pre-defined 'clean' state without intervention from the user.
Software that lets you revert to a time before your PC crashed
The second NIC can be installed after the fact so that if there are any problems, you can always revert back to that famous "Last known good configuration.
In addition, if the stock were issued with a forfeiture provision, upon forfeiture the stock would revert to the transferring corporation.
When all bonds mature or taken over by the county, ownership of the system will automatically revert to the county.
Similarly, the authorities also ordered to revert job scale of Sub Divisional Clerk Sub Division Sanawan, Riaz Hussain and Sub Divisional Clerk Sub Division Haji Sher, Ghulam Haider over poor performance.
Ladbrokes - next country to leave Euro: ion: 1-5 Greece, 5 Italy, 6 Portugal, 10 bar; 1-2 Greece to announce intention to leave Euro before end of 2011; 5-4 Greece to revert to drachma by end of 2011; 2012 US election: Evs Barack Obama, 2 Mitt Romney, 13-2 Rick Perry, 20 Herman Cain, 25 bar; Republican nomination: 4-7 Mitt Romney, 3 Rick Perry, 8 Herman Cain, 16 bar.
Wherever AV has been experienced, it has made FPTP more popular - both of the Canadian provinces that adopted AV quickly reverted to FPTP and opinion polls in every country that use AV show a majority wanting to revert to FPTP.
Global Banking News-15 October 2009-BNP Paribas expects UK inflation to revert in October(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.