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Synonyms for reversion

a return to a former, usually worse condition

Synonyms for reversion

(law) an interest in an estate that reverts to the grantor (or his heirs) at the end of some period (e

(genetics) a return to a normal phenotype (usually resulting from a second mutation)

a reappearance of an earlier characteristic

returning to a former state

a failure to maintain a higher state

References in classic literature ?
said Athos, "who are going to be killed, in order that Monsieur de Bouillon may have his estate at Sedan restored to him, that the reversion of the admiralty may be given to the Duc de Beaufort, and that the coadjutor may be made a cardinal.
He wondered whether he could raise money on the reversion.
Sherris, 2014, Developing Equity Release Markets: Risk Analysis for Reverse Mortgages and Home Reversions, North American Actuarial Journal, 18(1): 217-241.
6 May 2015 - UK-based residential property owner and manager Grainger plc has agreed terms with an affiliate of the Lone Star Funds for the sale of Grainger's interest in New Sovereign Reversions Ltd.
The regression results indicate that the mean reversion of fast trading stocks is a different phenomenon when compared to size or volume related mean reversions.
Only two articles published in The Appraisal Journal over the last four decades have been devoted specifically to the study of reversions.
They can do this through taking out a home reversions scheme under which they sell a proportion of their home to a home reversion company for a lump sum.
21tn, according to equity release specialist Sovereign Reversions.
Now the FSA is on the case, home reversions could become more acceptable.
These schemes are called home reversions and are on offer from a large number of companies, including Northern Rock and Norwich Union.
series reversions this year have been at best solid: Sony's adaptation of "Married .
It's an exciting time to be joining the team as home reversions and equity release are on an upward sales trend.
In 1965, the first reversion income scheme was introduced by Home Reversions.
SHIP, which represents 90% of the equity release industry, believes the introduction of regulation in lifetime mortgages, and not home reversions, will lead to a two-tier system.