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the quality of being reversible in either direction

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No Lock-In: with UForge universal templating, customers can flexibly create, replicate or move workloads between Ikoula's public cloud and their own virtual datacenters or private clouds, with full reversibility.
This paper introduces an important and underappreciated phenomenon associated with epistemic expressions--a phenomenon that this paper calls reversibility.
Where carnivalesque rituals assert a reversibility of power along a vertical axis of high and low, in the modern era the delegitimation of power from below takes the form of the hyperbolization of the grotesque, carnivalesque body into a monstrous body.
The purpose of the agreement is to ensure the reversibility of the transaction and the preservation of the assets until a final decision is rendered by CADE, through the measures aiming to preserve market conditions during an assessment of the competitive effects of the transaction.
Made of durable polypropylene, they are in a braided construction for reversibility.
The authors said this is the first study showing reversibility of adverse metabolic effects of maternal obesity on offspring by a pre-pregnancy intervention.
If reversibility is to be investigated, club soda should not be used.
Researchers had to tackle many challenges in order to produce magnesium from magnesia due to its relatively high equilibrium temperature, reversibility of the reaction, and the production of micro-structured and flammable products.
Reversibility of chronic degenerative disease and hypersensitivity; regulating mechanisms of chemical sensitivity.
They are also self-priming and offer instant reversibility.
tna has named the device that makes this reversibility possible the "switcheroo"--a mechanism that separates the roflo[R] pans, tilts them to inverse the way they connect and then moves the product in the opposite direction.
Conversely, some patients with COPD may have partial (but significant) reversibility and respond to corticosteroids, and their condition may therefore resemble asthma to some degree.
The pumps are also self-priming and offer instant reversibility so they will pump in either direction.
Pro-nature and pro-environment, the journal includes information as such topics as thermodynamic reversibility, negative entropy, direct applications of solar and wind energy, fuel cells, and other approaches that are "economically attractive, environmentally appealing and socially responsible," Nova said.
The full reversibility and ease of switching indicate relevance and value to the chemical industry.