reverse gear

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the gears by which the motion of a machine can be reversed

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The addition of the low reduction and multispeed reverse gears is made possible by a short extension added to the front of the transmission case.
A patented quarter-turn reverse feature pneumatically locks the tool into forward or reverse gear, preventing accidental direction change during the bore.
A recent incident involved a bus at the Haymarket Bus Station in Newcastle that had no reverse gear.
Reverse gear is necessary to pull the car out from immediate obstacles.
Bowen has powered to four national titles - and neither boxer has a reverse gear.
TRAVELLING in reverse gear causes almost pounds 409m worth of vehicle damage each year, according to research by Accident Exchange.
It features a tight turning radius to help maneuver around elevators and doorways and also has a reverse gear.
In a statement, issued on Tuesday, the LCCI office-bearers said that at a time when the government was striving for attracting foreign investment and encouraging local businesses, the deteriorating law and order situation is putting a reverse gear to all its efforts.
Unlike petrol-powered cars, in which reverse gear allows only low speeds, the LEAF has an electric powertrain that, theoretically, enables it to be driven backwards as fast as it can go forwards.
Andrea Southern, 43, leaned into her Fiat Panda to turn the key, but had left it in reverse gear and was hit by the open door as it lurched backwards.
Edward de Bono, a British physician and originator of the concept of lateral thinking, wrote, "Vertical thinking is concerned with digging the same hole deeper; lateral thinking is concerned with digging the hole somewhere else" He goes on to say "Lateral thinking is like the reverse gear in a car.
Longest distance(300 m) which covered 30 second in reverse gear on the snowy surface, short standing (56,2 m) on the ice, capable more eight drawing (3 tour) on the ice in a two minuets, most speed slalom(1 min, 11 sec) on the ice, most speedy tour (19 sec)on square shape icy runway
The Western Slope woman said she was so horrified when she saw the undead creature in the middle of a dirt road that she put her vehicle into reverse gear and crashed in the canal, reports The Daily Telegraph.
The patented Power Port quarter-turn reverse pneumatically locks the tool into forward or reverse gear, preventing accidental direction change during the bore.
In fact there are a million and one things that need doing, discovering and inventing - yet because politicians want to run everything and as none of them seem to have any imagination, innovation or organisational skills we just cannot get out of reverse gear.