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a geological fault in which the upper side appears to have been pushed upward by compression

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The current paper aims at studying the deformation and sectional forces in a specific tunnel lining under the influence of near field earthquakes including permanent displacement induced by the reverse fault slip and subsequent dynamic strong ground motions.
Northeast to southwest traverse along the cross-section, the Kalabagh Fault appears as a steeply southwest dipping reverse fault along which the eastern side has been downthrown.
In the strike-slip fault, the river was split in half and moved; in the reverse fault, the layers were moved vertically by the fault.
Two subordinate reverse fault planes developed in basalt on the footwall of the main fault are plastered with calcite slickenfibers that are steeply plunging toward the south (Fig.
Drill hole TBM-03 was located at the NW end of the gold soil anomaly, and cut a strongly weathered, clay-rich interval containing massive gossan zones in the upper 10 meters of the hole, and then passed through the brittle reverse fault at 10.
greater than 3D), only the horizontal component of reverse fault dislocation was influential.
The present morphology of the range at its eastern margin is shaped by approximately NNE-trending reverse faults.
Both these faults appear as splays from a south verging high angle reverse fault present in the south.
Brezice fault in SE Slovenia was identified as a reverse fault on the southern limb of the Krsko syncline, built up of several reverse faults and backthrusts (Verbic, 2005).
This data suggests absence of emergent thrusts with offset exceeding 10 km and allow to recognize reverse fault of limited displacement and offset in the central Sulaiman fold belt.
The main late Miocene to Quaternary tectonic structures in the Sierra Alhamilla region are the transpressive dextral-reverse Polopos Fault Zone that includes the dextral Gafarillos fault segments to the east of the ridge and their continuation towards the west as the North Alhamilla reverse fault (NARF) in the northern limb of the Alhamilla anticlinorium (Ott d'Estevou and Montenant, 1990; Stapel et al.
The RF is a ~70 km-long, ~50deg northeast-dipping reverse fault system, which lies ~40 km north of the deformation front in the Kashmir Himalaya [Gavillot et al, 2010].
The only evidenced reverse fault (190[degrees]/40[degrees]) which occurs a bit northern and separates the Cretaceous and the Carboniferous from mica schists has a local character (Fig.