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Synonyms for reverential

feeling or showing reverence

Synonyms for reverential

feeling or manifesting veneration

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Dimmesdale so evidently was, to eat his unsavoury morsel always at another's board, and endure the life-long chill which must be his lot who seeks to warm himself only at another's fireside, it truly seemed that this sagacious, experienced, benevolent old physician, with his concord of paternal and reverential love for the young pastor, was the very man, of all mankind, to be constantly within reach of his voice.
Osborne, who was at first terrified at the idea of having a servant to wait upon herself, who did not in the least know how to use one, and who always spoke to domestics with the most reverential politeness.
It might have been fancied, indeed, that she expected to minister to the wants of the community unseen, like a disembodied divinity or enchantress, holding forth her bargains to the reverential and awe-stricken purchaser in an invisible hand.
He is not my private friend and public patron, as Steerforth was, but I hold him in a reverential respect.
But Nancy's Sunday thoughts were rarely quite out of keeping with the devout and reverential intention implied by the book spread open before her.
Timidity, therefore, confined her observation of the appearances which we have described to stoles glances; but, as the stamping of feet was now becoming less frequent, and even the coughing, and other little preliminaries of a congregation settling themselves down into reverential attention, were ceasing, she felt emboldened to look around her.
Fortunately, Louise was so bent in her reverential salute, that she did not catch either Madame's words or the king's smile.
A reverential feeling protects these sacred spots from robbery or insult.
The windows, to which she looked with peculiar dependence, from having heard the general talk of his preserving them in their Gothic form with reverential care, were yet less what her fancy had portrayed.
Miss Knag bestowed a reverential smile upon Madame Mantalini, which she dexterously transformed into a gracious one for Kate, and said that certainly, although it was a great deal of trouble to have young people who were wholly unused to the business, still, she was sure the young person would try to do her best--impressed with which conviction she (Miss Knag) felt an interest in her, already.
In childhood, I had always been accustomed to regard him with a feeling of reverential awe - but lately, even now, surmounted, for, though he had a fatherly kindness for the well-behaved, he was a strict disciplinarian, and had often sternly reproved our juvenile failings and peccadilloes; and moreover, in those days, whenever he called upon our parents, we had to stand up before him, and say our catechism, or repeat, 'How doth the little busy bee,' or some other hymn, or - worse than all - be questioned about his last text, and the heads of the discourse, which we never could remember.
The packed El Rey felt more like some faraway Kentucky neighbor's back porch at sunset, the reverential vibe in the hushed room adding extra weight to the ballads of folk singer Gillian Welch and her longtime partner, David Rawlings.
But these works were too stilted, almost too reverential to move me into a deep contemplation of the God they enlisted as lead performer.
The central presence of the tabernacle will maintain a high level of respect in the main body of the church, and will promote a reverential, silent church atmosphere, instead of the free socializing which is now becoming commonplace.
Marina Eglevsky provided an almost reverential look at Balanchine's Minkus Pas de Trois, which introduced another Boston Ballet transfer, the spirited Tiffany Kmet.