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Synonyms for reverberative

characterized by resonance

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its mode of knowing which involves reciprocation, a reverberative process, back and forth, compared with the linear, sequential, unidirectional method of building up a picture favoured by the left hemisphere' (p.
And if life is most like "some accomplished falling" then it is bound and "held by the reverberative membrane of love.
Nonetheless, it will be argued here that the side-by-side examination of 'Usher', Poe's Gothic tale par excellence, and 'Tlon', Borges' fable of the attraction exerted by the study of an imaginary planet, proves highly suggestive in elucidating the seductively similar yet also strikingly divergent forms in which both address the concept--now indeed reverberative in the epoch of cyberspace--of a parallel reality.
Vladislavic was likely conscious of writing his way into the gap of the present through layers of archived memory, and by using the memorable term "interregnum" he brackets a reverberative conceptual space that recalls the title of Nadine Gordimer's 1982 James Lecture, "Living in the Interregnum".
Singing bowls, so called because of their reverberative tonal qualities, developed as a meditative healing aid more than a thousand years ago in the Himalayan regions of Asia.
constructing epic narrative, but an opportunity to situate individualized events and moments within a traditionally reverberative frame.
Administration officials believe that anchoring democratic institutions in Iraq will have a positive, reverberative effect on Middle Eastern governments that have authoritarian traditions.