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distribution of part of the federal tax income to states and municipalities

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Many sponsors had been unaware that their plan's administrative fees were not clearly spelled out, or that the use of revenue sharing means participants can pay widely disparate recordkeeping fees, based on the funds they invest in, she says.
Hon Gbillah who frowned at the flagrant disregard for the extant laws,observed that the Commission had the responsibility of collection and maintenance of the integrity of data utilized for the computation of indices for horizontal revenue sharing in the case of Federation Account and both vertical and horizontal revenue sharing in respect of the 13% Derivative Funds.
"We would start to feel the pinch in the third quarter of the year," says Niagara Falls Council Chairman Andrew Touma when asked about the latest delay in revenue sharing payments.
Yalla assured him MoUs on facility management, a revenue sharing formula and occupancy will be transparent.
In addition to the remarkable revenue sharing policy, the Epic Games Store will also adopt the Support-A-Creator program that ( was recently made permanent in "Fortnite." The program in the store will allow developers to connect with creators from YouTube, Twitch and other platforms.
"If you're going to be talking about revenue sharing, you definitely should be talking about it to all the communities in the northwest."
Although marketed as leagues, these are not leagues in the usual sense that teams play a regular season schedule, agree to common business practices (e.g., revenue sharing of local revenues, rules regarding player contracts), and compete within the same talent market.
Lastly, the survey asked respondents about their use of revenue sharing. Key findings include: 77 percent of plans use some form of revenue sharing, but are looking for ways to give excess revenue back to participants.
India's Ministry of Coal has decided to offer pricing freedom and revenue sharing contracts as sweeteners to woo private investors into commercial coal mining in the country.
Far from being unfair to law-abiding miners, the government is pushing the industry forward through major reforms such as crafting a road map for strategic metallic minerals and pushing for the passage of a new fiscal regime and revenue sharing arrangement, according to an official of the National Economic and Development Authority.
Indirect fees, including asset-based fees and fixed fees, are offset with revenue sharing generated on plan asset investments and made a part of fund expense.
The results of a recent royalty review by a government-appointed committee give no indication as to where Aboriginal communities stand with the province on resource revenue sharing. The only reference to resource revenue sharing with Indigenous peoples comes in a section entitled "Other matters raised with our panel," and states, "Representatives of First Nations and Metis communities consistently represented the issue of sharing resource revenues with their communities.
The court script revealed that Apple received a payment of $1 billion from Google in 2014 and that Google also has an ongoing revenue sharing deal in place with Apple.
Lai, "Supply chain coordination under disruptions with revenue sharing contract," Journal of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, vol.