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distribution of part of the federal tax income to states and municipalities

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Im glad the administration heard us loud and clear and decided to support offshore revenue sharing.
Assuming revenue sharing is paid, if a committee determines through benchmarking or another source that the service provider's compensation is too high, the committee has a duty to get the excess back for the plan.
Plan sponsors who are found to mismanage the distribution of revenue sharing and use plan assets to pay excessive fees are subject to personal liability and monetary sanctions.
Fund revenue equalization is a type of "fee recapture account" that attempts to obtain, for the benefit of the plan, the revenue sharing that exceeds the fee charged by the recordkeeper.
Only by providing additional oil and natural gas lease sales in more of the OCS can this theoretical revenue sharing become reality.
That is, revenue sharing payees' Marlins and Pirates are profitable and the reason they are profitable is revenue sharing.
In a revenue sharing model, the retailer pays a fixed percentage of the profits generated by the outlet.
Despite Thursday being the fourth owners meeting in six months devoted to revenue sharing and labor issues, they show few signs of being resolved soon.
Armed with knowledge, the fiduciaries can then decide on the extent to which revenue-sharing arrangements should be used on behalf of participants and control how revenue sharing is spent.
That is, a complicated and tough-to-police revenue sharing scheme that includes a "Commissioner's Pool" that would distribute money to small market clubs and a 50 percent luxury tax on payrolls in excess of $84 million.
In a pass-word-protected part of the revenue sharing program's Web site, for instance, merchants should provide every conceivable piece of information that partners could want.
Why should I work with a telecom vendor who offers fixed lease payments when others offer revenue sharing and equity?
We couldn't compete without revenue sharing or the salary cap," says Robert E.
This feature was only turned on for the smaller communities that use Userplane tools for free, and did not include revenue sharing.
Record funding for municipal revenue sharing highlights the $406.