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Fourth, use a balance of both expense control and revenue enhancement. Because reimbursement to long-term care facilities will continue to tighten for the next few years, expense control must be augmented by finding new revenue streams.
It is often at this juncture, or in anticipation of this scenario, that the nursing home operator turns to the newly defined "subacute" or "managed care" product areas for potential revenue enhancement, improved market share, competitive advantage, etc.
Revenue enhancement would depend on the demand for its prospective food offerings, in the longer term.
They were explained the rationale behind the closure of some of the trains and the steps proposes for revenue enhancement. GM Kattak told the workers representatives that Railways has embarked upon the ambitious plan of rationalization of train operation through better use of its assets and resources.
We are approximately one-half way through the implementation of our USD1.1 million pre-tax, annual cost reduction and revenue enhancement strategies and have begun to experience a positive financial impact.
The Chairman of Railway Board A K Mital revealed, This current move by the Indian Railways will allow for revenue enhancement for the enterprise without putting any burden on its passengers.
Mital said,"This current move by the Indian Railways will allow for revenue enhancement for the enterprise without putting any burden on its passengers.
Baker Hill is a provider of technology solutions for common loan origination solutions, relationship management, smart data analytics, and revenue enhancement solutions.
(including the following services: management, customer service, and consulting; maintenance, enforcement, and technology/innovation; and revenue control and revenue enhancement).
Specialties include: Lean Transformation, Six Sigma, Kaizen, revenue enhancement, product and process innovation, sales effectiveness, value pricing, supply chain, strategic procurement, network optimization, transportation & logistics, working capital, VA/VE, pre/post merger integration and training.
"Both tax revenue enhancement and effective management of public expenditure are urgent tasks for the government," Nakao said.
Its software suite, miRevenue, is a product and pricing lifecycle management platform meant to track the way banks bring products to market with a focus on revenue enhancement.
These positives are tempered by decreasing property values and a long-standing fiscal operating imbalance linked to one-time asset sales for revenue enhancement, the agency said.
These services may relate to any or all of the following issues: public safety, law enforcement, workforce development, infrastructure improvements, telecommunications, transportation, training, juvenile and criminal justice issues, education, economic development, revenue enhancement, mandates and other issues.
Tenders are invited for A Five (5) Year Multi-Year Contract for Revenue Enhancement and Collection Services