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management and revenue enhancement in order to ensure the successful implementation of the
The first phase of the revenue enhancement services always includes what we call an opportunity assessment where we analyze transaction flows and channels, identify specific strategies, quantify potential benefits, assess implementation efforts, and prepare assessment documents," says Larry Hutt, Director, Consulting Sales.
Director for Municipal Finance, Botlhale Mofokeng said that these round table discussions are meant to address challenges faced by municipalities in terms of revenue enhancement.
Fourth, use a balance of both expense control and revenue enhancement.
Ceto and Associates solutions are designed to help financial institutions increase profits through revenue enhancement programs.
Defining and modeling payor contracts this way will enable the group to accomplish a number of revenue enhancement goals, such as identify potential registration, coding and posting errors and ensure chargemaster accuracy.
MBIA established its MuniServices subsidiary in 1997, which provides revenue enhancement services and products to public-sector clients nationwide, consisting of discovery, audit, collections/recovery, consulting and information services.
Verimatrix sets the standard for software-based content security and revenue enhancement technologies in pay-TV networks, with a global customer base of telecommunications providers.
Founded in 1994 as a national consulting firm in the financial industry and headquartered in Atlanta, Ceto and Associates specializes in developing solutions to provide financial institutions the ability to increase profitability through the implementation of revenue enhancement programs.
These "Responsible Approach[TM]" programs offer revenue enhancement, a conservative approach to customer and risk management, as well as ongoing technical and customer service.
Verimatrix develops content security and revenue enhancement technologies for pay-TV, such as cable, satellite and telecommunications networks.
The company's Revenue Enhancement services focus on improving top-line performance by identifying opportunities to increase earnings and shareholder wealth and enhance customer service.