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Synonyms for revenue

Synonyms for revenue

the entire amount of income before any deductions are made

government income due to taxation

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As far as this would be conducive to the interests of commerce, so far it must tend to the extension of the revenue to be drawn from that source.
An ordinary degree of vigilance would be competent to the prevention of any material infractions upon the rights of the revenue.
The single article of ardent spirits, under federal regulation, might be made to furnish a considerable revenue.
And as, on the other hand, the wants of the government can never obtain an adequate supply, unless all the sources of revenue are open to its demands, the finances of the community, under such embarrassments, cannot be put into a situation consistent with its respectability or its security.
And yet, from the want of the fostering influence of commerce, that monarch can boast but slender revenues.
I am not of this people, and I will not pay revenue.
His revenues were rather less than 400 pounds yearly, and they were expended on the maintenance of one elephant and a standing army of five men.
Tax advisers must understand the weight (or deference) courts give to revenue rulings when they determine a level of authority (e.
With most companies having completed their first internal control attestation--and thus, with less demanding focus on Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 (at least in the short run)--attention for many is shifting to revenue recognition.
The issues that bear upon the details of how, when and in what amount revenue should be recognized are broad and extremely deep.
Ezrati to Canadian Minister of National Revenue Herb Dhaliwal.
Revenue streams for physician and medical groups are changing.
HOUSTON -- PROS, the world's leader in pricing and revenue optimization science and software, announced strong positive results for the year ending December 31, 2006.
a Texas maker of oil drilling equipment, found a way to book significant portions of disputed revenue before the contingencies were removed.
This is not the first time that poor judgment, opaque accounting methods and revenue management questions have surfaced -- it's merely the most impressive display of grandscale improprieties with billion-dollar price tags, and the most publicized.