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Synonyms for rev

rate of revolution of a motor

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increase the number of rotations per minute


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The Rev. Earle Markey, vice president emeritus and a friend of Rev.
Rev Carol Hirst, Curate of Ripponden, Rishworth, Barkisland and West Scammonden, will be ordained at St Bartholomew's Church, Ripponden on the same day.
Bass River, N.B., Bass River Pastoral Charge; Rev. Kent Burdett, 101 Dutch Point Rd., Hampton, NB E5N 5Z2;506-832-4985;
* Neither an S corporation nor a terminating S corporation is eligible for automatic consent under Rev. Proc.
Entitled "Full Serve," more than 1,200 youth were challenged by multi-media presentations, drama troupe skits and addresses by Rev. Kathy Martin, keynote speaker, to experience what service to others really looks like.
(L To R) Rev Malcolm Jones, Rev Graham Smith, Rev Jayne Crooks, Rev Barrie Roberts, Rev Rosemary Elliott, Rt Rev John Austin, Rt Rev John Sentamu, Rev Henrietta Howarth, Rev Susan Shrewing, Rev Roy Murray, Rev Wendy Carter
Calhoun acknowledges that the group's mission to identify and develop top minority drivers was initiated by Rev. Jackson, something he said he repeatedly told the writers of your article, but that contribution was not reflected in your piece.
Stated bluntly, some providers of basis study services had not experienced significant difficulty gathering the basis information needed to successfully complete a basis study in compliance with Rev. Proc.
An initial short year following an S election will not be considered a short year for Rev. Proc.
Rev. Ronald Peter Fabbro, C.S.B., 52, Superior General of the Congregation of Saint Basil, has been named Bishop of London.
The Rev. Elenora Giddings Ivory, director, Washington office, Presbyterian Church USA
Several years ago, German researchers studying the genes of HERV-K suggested that one of them encodes a protein similar to the Rev used by the AIDS virus.
To constitute reasonable compensation under Rev. Proc 93-19, a contract for services must not provide for compensation based, in whole or in part, on a share of the net profits from the operation of the facility.
Rev. Keefe, who was ordained a Baptist minister in 2001, recently released a 10-song CD titled "Glory to His Name" that showcases black spirituals stylized with what he calls a "funk and blues attitude."
The amount exceeding the normal tuition for regular students may qualify as a medical expense, to the extent that the additional program assistance provides therapeutic value to the student; see Rev. Rul.