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Keywords: Dialyzer reuse, Low-income countries, Cost saving, Ethics.
Dialyzer reuse is an integral part of dialysis since its inception.
Despite this large shift to single-use dialyzer in developed countries, the practice of dialyzer reuse prevailed in low-income countries.14 Hypothetically, limited benefits could be sacrificed for substantial resource savings, permitting reallocation to higher-value alternatives.15 Based on this conjecture, dialyzer reuse was accepted in low-income countries.16 The credence of this speculation didn't only provide a significant economic benefit, but also allowed the use of better dialyzers with ongoing cost inflation and limited medical resources.
Lack of standards for reprocessing dialyzer, breach in reusing protocol and lack of reprocessing policy are among the crucial factors working against the success of reuse. High priority should be given to developing and implementing specific guidelines and standards for reprocessing and reuse of dialyzers in South Asia.
"Sand Reclamation Economics for Small & Medium Size Foundries," AFS International Sand "Reduce, Reuse, Reclaim" Conference Proceedings (1994).
Environmental agencies want to know what chemicals are in all refuse and what amounts might be leached from the sand (see "Managing Environmental Liabilities for Beneficial Reuse," MODERN CASTING, April 2002).
Dialyzer reuse has been practiced since the beginning of chronic hemodialysis, initially because of the economic savings associated with dialyzer reuse and later because of the improved patient responses to dialysis with reprocessed dialyzers.
In July of 1998, the Dialysis Centers of Dayton LLC in consortium with the Miami Valley Hospital Artificial Kidney Unit determined that the average dialyzer reuse number was too low and met to determine how this number could be improved.
The performance improvement team consisted of the nurse manager, nursing shift manager, reuse technician, medical director, quality outcome review nurse specialist, and the director of dialysis.
USG will reuse the recycled panels to manufacture new ceiling products.
Reuse situations and the associated technologies related to granularity and the role of the instructor can be represented as shown in Table 1.
There is currently much attention in the business world to the reuse of learning objects.
Within Cell 3, however, there is an interesting opportunity for the instructor to make individual decisions about the use and reuse of individual learning objects, as resources within an institutionally supported CMS.
Drywall is second only to wood as the largest material in the residential construction scrap stream, and Bielinski has been able to reuse this material on its construction sites as part of its recycling program.
Bielinski Homes, Prairie Tree Landscape and WasteCap Wisconsin continue to work together to reduce, reuse and recycle all possible recyclables from Bielinski Home construction sites and transform waste into resources.