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the address of the sender of a letter or parcel indicating where it should be returned if it cannot be delivered

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They should have a return address, just in case," she agreed.
For that reason, I don't recommend using a return address that gives away the game about the sender.
People should put a return address on the outside of the envelope.
Royal Mail customer service adviser Joan Siddron wrote: "Unfortunately when postcards display a return address, we occasionally deliver them back to the sender by mistake.
The Brokaw letter had no return address, I elaborated, while the return address on the Daschle letter was a fictitious New Jersey elementary school.
In late October of last year the VP American Gilsenite Company in Vernal, Utah, received an envelope with no return address or name of the sender.
One advantage MediTape Reports offer is flexibility: They now come in seven sizes, from as large as a bumper sticker to as small as a return address label.
Taxpayers should take extra care when providing a return address.
Compilations are available showing migration patterns, from where to where, by State, based on year-to-year changes in the individual income tax return address.
Further identifiers include a return address ZIP code that does not match the accepting post office ZIP code or a fictitious return address.
com) is Now Offering 60 Free Address Labels or Return Address Labels for the Cost of Shipping
5 NO return address or the return address cannot be made out.
Anyway, this looks to be good quality Xerox stuff, with some tight photo work and layouts, and covers skating around Texas and Colorado and maybe elsewhere (but since there is no return address, how am I supposed to know?
Then this week we received a yellow window envelope with only the publisher's initials in the return address and a prominent, all-caps STATEMENT ENCLOSED printed in black above the window.