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Greek wine flavored with resin

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We ate the stew, tomato salad with sheep's milk feta, oil-cured olives, and washed it down with retsina.
RETSINA is a Boggle word) as well as procedural knowledge (e.
The old images of very average wines (often oxidized) and retsina (containing pine extracts) sold cheaply in the local tav-erna have given way to Greek wines that compete with the best in the world.
At night, after I have wrestled with a passage, the massacre at Syracuse, say, I retire to Phoebe's on the plateia, overlooking that wine-dark sea, and toast the German tourists, drinking Jagermeister, with burnished retsina in my super-glued-together ostrakon.
Pericles thought that it was a crazy and expensive idea, but since most of these highly talented citizens of Athens were unemployed and had no internet or blackberries to play with, and they were just sitting around drinking ouzo and retsina (a Greek wine supplemented with pine resin), enjoying the sun and philosophizing, that maybe it would be a good idea to get them busy.
Wash it all down with fiery ouzo, sweet Metaxa brandy or retsina wine.
00pm) The chef looks on as Greek restaurant Retsina and Moroccan establishment Doukan prepare sardines, prawn and mussel tagine, a mixed grill and a spiced apple cake in the final heat.
The family bakes its own bread and Sterligov and Lena, his wife of some 17 years, drink milk from their own cows, and kvas, an evil-sounding alcoholic brew made from fermented black rye bread flavoured with birch-tree sap (can it taste worse than retsina, one wonders?
Unlucky to concede the penalty, and owes Dimi a retsina or two for his save.
I love the food at El Greco, and I've been hearing how much fun their monthly Greek nights are, with a special menu, wine deals and flowing retsina and a boisterous crowd that even gets up for some Zorba-like dancing.
moonlight, Drinking retsina and eating salads Of cool, chopped cucumber
After a few glasses of Retsina, my dad always performed a solo version of the Greek line dance, a beer bottle balanced precariously on his head.
104 Energy Conservation Requires a Multifaceted Approach, Theodora Retsina, American Process
Displays also included the better-known Muscat, Retsina and Mavrodaphne grape varieties.