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hear or try a court case anew


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0 features an enhanced user interface and a new multi-threaded engine to maximize performance when executing copy jobs on large quantities of servers, and provides IT administrators with the ability to request the automatic retry of failed copy jobs.
Defense attorney Mark Geragos said he believes the District Attorney's Office will not be able to retry and that he plans to file a motion by Dec.
We think the evidence supports a murder conviction, and I think we will have a stronger case if we retry it.
In the active process, AirMagnet actually associates to a specific AP or Service Set Identifier (SSID) and culls in-depth information such as connection speed, packet retry rates and packet loss, reflecting the actual end-user experience.
Beverly Campbell, head of the district attorney's San Fernando division, said the jury's overwhelming majority in favor of conviction led to the decision to retry King - a decision legal experts said would be expected under the circumstances.
Prosecutors at the time decided not to retry the case because it appeared Harter had corrected the problems.
Powerful administration with customizable features allowing administrators to, for instance, set the maximum retry count for passphrase answers during an attempted password reset; lock out users from SSPR and the network after a configurable number of security parameters are breached; and set and enforce password policies
District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said prosecutors were disappointed that Cockrell was not convicted of all charges, and would evaluate whether to retry him on the count on which jurors deadlocked.
Attorney Patrick Harris, originally intended to retry the case, and a new trial was set for April.
Payments UK, an industry body, says that during the 12 months after the scheme kicked in, around 25 million payments, which initially failed, were successfully paid using the retry service - saving customers at least PS200 million in charges.
0 include 64-bit support, a secure communications option, an authenticated clients option, and a connection retry capability.
Directed Retry srautu valdymo algoritmo veikima vaizduojanti schema pateikta 1 paveiksle.