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Synonyms for retro

Synonyms for retro

a fashion reminiscent of the past

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affecting things past

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Retro America is made up of 25 states where low wages, subsidies, religious zealotry and social rigidity trump diversity, innovation and educational and scientific achievement.
More than 80% of all high technology jobs are in Metro America, and Metro America residents pay the taxes that subsidize Retro states.
Retro America says there are enough potential votes in Metro America for Democrats to win and take the country back without watering down their message to try to woo independent and Republican voters in the Retro states.
With a glossy white fibreglass finish and American walnut glides it's the perfect modern retro rocker.
Sticking with the rock star theme, a fantastic mirror is essential for your modern retro pad.
All you need to create your own modern retro look is a bit of imagination and some wonderful reproduction classics, so get creative and dig out those prints.
All retro premium fomulas have "add-ons" to "compensate" the insurer.
First, there are the add-ons -- if the insurer pays a claimant one dollar, the insurer will charge a retro premium of as much as $1.
For example, insurers have a duty to exercise good faith when paying claims under retro policies.
By industry standards, the Builders Insurance retro program is very generous.
The Builders Insurance retro program includes all ABC Sierra Chapter members who are also BIC policyholders, as a whole, so losses were tabulated as a group instead of doing so on an individual basis.
Normally retro programs like this are reserved for employers who pay more than $100,000 a year," Landram said.