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Synonyms for retro

Synonyms for retro

a fashion reminiscent of the past

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affecting things past

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All you need to create your own modern retro look is a bit of imagination and some wonderful reproduction classics, so get creative and dig out those prints.
Graeme's modern retro look is featured in the new autumn brochure which is in stores now.
First, there are the add-ons -- if the insurer pays a claimant one dollar, the insurer will charge a retro premium of as much as $1.
For example, insurers have a duty to exercise good faith when paying claims under retro policies.
Courts have also ruled that insurers have a duty to investigate claims paid under retro policies.
First of all, watch out for the insurance company settling claims just at, or close to, the loss limitation within the retro.
Suppose an older general liability policy had per occurrence limits of $250,000, an aggregate of $2 million and a retro (still open) with no loss limitation.